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Syrian rebels launch Aleppo offensive

Fateh Al Sham played a big part in a rebel attack in July that managed to break the government siege on eastern Aleppo for several weeks before it was reimposed. Syrian state television said "the army has foiled an attempt by terrorists to attack Aleppo city from several axes with suicide bomb attacks and has inflicted losses on them". Read More »

Judicial appointment: Congress says Centre trying to 'demean' judiciary

This is the first appointment by the Government of Canada under its new Supreme Court selection process, which was established to promote greater openness, transparency, and accountability. The apex court has fixed November 11 as the next date of hearing. Due to the transfer of judges on some occasion, the other judges in the high court collegium too are from outside the State. Read More »

Half a Million Red Cross Donors' Personal Data Leaked


The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has apologized after a database backup file containing over one million donor records including highly sensitive information on sexual activity was exposed to the public. Apart from his information, the person also had his wife's details. The backup database was published to a publicly facing website, which had directory browsing enabled on the server, according to Hunt. Read More »

Obama Says Health Consumers Need to Shop Around


And even when asked about health-care priorities for the next president and Congress to address, fewer people mentioned either repealing Obamacare altogether or weakening the law than mentioned other issues , the Kaiser Health Tracking Poll found . Read More »

No Injuries After Pence Plane Slides off Runway in NYC


Once the plane safely landed on a patch of grass, Pence checked on the press at the rear of the plane, before speaking with emergency responders as passengers exited the aircraft. There was some noticeable damage to the runway, although a campaign spokesperson told reporters there was no structural damage to the plane. The press pool in the back of the aircraft, a Boeing 737-700 chartered from Eastern Airlines that was painted with the campaign's logo, could feel the plane fishtailing as ... Read More »

Philippine leader affirms U.S. alliance despite tough talk

Duterte has repeatedly attacked the U.S. while cosying up to Beijing, upending his nation's foreign policy in comments that have sometimes been quickly retracted. When asked to choose sides between China and Japan, Duterte responded : "Between China and Japan, I think I love the Philippines more". Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, on a trip to Japan, said Wednesday that he wanted all foreign troops out of his country within "maybe two years" and that he was willing to revoke ... Read More »

Best and worst jokes from Trump, Clinton at white-tie affair


He compared the event to Wednesday night's presidential debate, saying that in both events, Trump "had some very solid minutes early on" before faltering later and going too far. An August AJC poll had Trump leading by 4 points. "Can you imagine if I got the questions? They would call for the re-establishment of the electric chair, do you agree?" "Even Marco Rubio says there's no rigging of the vote", Obama said, "Which I'd like to give credit for, except he's refuting the unsafe, ... Read More »

North Korean officials hold secret talks in Malaysia


Leon Sigal, an academic specialising in the Koreas who attended the talks, said the N. Korea's nuclear weapons programme had dominated the discussion. is open to talks with the North, but said Pyongyang should prove it's serious about denuclearisation. The China-based registrant could still be charged with smuggling the phone into North Korea or engaging in other illegal activity if caught, the source said. Read More »

Russian Federation says pausing Aleppo bombing 11 hours for four days

Putin, visiting Berlin on Wednesday evening, was told by French President Francois Hollande that joint Syrian and Russian bombing of Aleppo was a "war crime". The threat appears to target Russian Federation, which Western leaders have criticized for its support of a military offensive by Syrian government forces on the northern city of Aleppo . Read More »

ZTE Axon 7: Best For Nexus 6P Owners


Google claimed that the camera on the Google Pixel XL is the best rated as compared to the flagship smartphones on the market as of right now and that means that it can beat the iPhone 7 Plus camera as well. Some have decried it as it seems to be going against what the Nexus phones used to stand for, which was a stock Android experience, but Google seems to have chose to include some Pixel-exclusive features instead. Read More »

Regency in place as Thais flock to palace to honor dead king

Buddhist funeral ceremonies began Friday in Bangkok's Grand Palace complex for King Bhumibol Adulyadej before his body is displayed for people to pay respects to the monarch revered by many Thais as their father and a demigod. Tropical Thailand , with its beaches, Buddhist temples and infamous nightlife, remains a magnet for travellers despite weathering more than a decade of unrest, including two coups, floods in 2011 and a wave of bombs in tourist towns in August. Read More »

Sanders, Warren considered as Clinton's running mate


James Stavridis, a retired Navy admiral, is not on the list, but did end up getting vetted by Clinton's campaign . The e-mail also identified well known military figures - such as Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Marine Corps General John Allen, the former commander of U.S. Read More »

Jubeir: Saudi Arabia Ready for Ceasefire in Yemen if Houthis Agree

A roller-coaster week in Yemen has seen a major escalation in fighting swiftly followed by efforts to ease tensions that could open the door to renewed peace talks, experts said Sunday. They're losing more territory, more people are mobilised against them. Pentagon spokesman Commander Gary Ross said U.S. ships launched countermeasures to defend against the attack . Read More »

Theresa May agrees to allow MPs debate Brexit plans

The freedom of movement, the freedom of trade and the freedom to vote in European elections are among the rights that will change when Britain leaves the EU. "We've always said that parliament has an important role to play", May's spokeswoman told Reuters on Wednesday. He claimed the remaining European Union states felt strongly about Britain accepting all four freedoms rather than just access to trade deals, adding "the British government seems to think that they can take the goodies and ... Read More »

Email: Clinton campaign tried to move back Illinois primary


Questions were raised on social media about the speed with which Russia Today, a news site funded by the Russian government, tweeted about Podesta's e-mails, the latest in a series of hacked emails published by WikiLeaks . It's an awesome bastardization of the faith. Two days after The Associated Press reported in March 2015 that Clinton had been running a private server in her home in NY to send and receive messages when she was secretary of state, her advisers were shaping their strategy ... Read More »

India to seek support for anti-terror fight

The Indian position was conveyed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Chinese President Xi Jinping during a bilateral meeting here that came against the backdrop of China putting on hold India's move to get Azhar, the brain behind the Pathankot attack, banned by the UN. Read More »

Ballots in the mail

October 24 is the deadline for new voters to register, either online or on paper - forms can be found at post offices, libraries, DMVs, and election offices - and also for voters who need to change their name, address, signature, or party affiliation by re-registering. Read More »

Iraqis in London call for Turkey to intervene in Mosul

Iraq condemned the vote, and Abadi warned Turkey risked triggering a regional war. "It's not important at all how you shout from Iraq . You should know that we will do what we want to do". Turkey's parliament voted two weeks ago to extend the deployment of an estimated 2,000 troops across northern Iraq by a year to combat "terrorist organisations" - a wording broad enough to refer to Kurdish militants as well as Islamic State. Read More »

United States strikes in Yemen risk wider entanglement in civil war


At around 7 a.m., the missiles hit radar sites in three locations along the Red Sea coast, Ras Eissa, Khoukha and Makha, according to Col. Walid Zeyad, a Yemeni naval official in the nearby Red Sea port of Hodeida. The attack came just after the first sign that the Obama administration might be having second thoughts about the massacres committed by the Saudi coalition with USA weapons. Read More »

Russian, Syrian airstrikes kill 8 in war-torn Aleppo

Asked if the war had become a direct conflict between Russian Federation and the US, Mr Assad replied:... Russia's foreign minister sought Friday to lower expectations before another round of global talks on Syria as fighting continued in the besieged city of Aleppo . Read More »

Assad says Aleppo to serve as springboard for liberation


Secretary of State John) Kerry, accused Russian Federation of all the deadly sins, no one spoke to us or discussed anything with us, and tossed the resolution into the Security Council obviously expecting our veto". "We should not go down the path of pressure and blackmail but search for compromise", Putin said in Moscow . "I can't find a trace of a mini-market I used to buy things from", she said. Read More »

Dylan book sales soar after Nobel announcement

University of OR music history instructor Larry Wayte said Dylan's lyrics incite curiosity and interpretation and spark debate, just as poetry does. Maybe the first music video ever. Dylan joins Samuel Beckett, Gunter Grass, Pablo Neruda, Jean Paul Sartre, Pearl Buck, John Steinbeck, Albert Camus, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Toni Morrison , T.S. Read More »

China rebuffs South Korea over sinking of coast guard vessel


The service has not released the name and type of the KCG boat, but confirmed that none of its personnel were injured in the incident. The Coast Guard said it would will deal "sternly" with Chinese fishing boats operating illegally in the country's waters and will use firearms if necessary, Yonhap reported. Read More »

Bruins' Bergeron will miss opener with lower-body injury


For a Bruins team looking to make the playoffs for the first time in three years, they'll be banking on Pastrnak to take advantage of these opportunities as best as he can. "Tentative, sloppy, you can use a lot of different words", Tortorella said. "I've always found that when you add some new blood, it gives the rest of the group some excitement", he said. Read More »

China confirms Duterte visit amid strained US-Philippine ties

About 250 business executives will accompany the Philippine president, eager to talk to Chinese business leaders and government officials about deals in a range of sectors, from rail and construction to tourism, agribusiness, power and manufacturing, according to Philippine sources. Read More »

Organizers: Israel stops activist boat en route to Gaza

Several Palestinian factions condemned Thursday Israel's interception and seizure yesterday evening of the Zaytouna-Oliva, a Gaza-bound aid ship. Davidson was one of 13 women who were part of a flotilla in global waters off the coast, of Gaza. Read More »

Syrians help to catch bomb plotter


He was arrested early on Monday almost two days after he evaded officers during a raid on an apartment about 80km away where police found explosives. The police were tracking Jaber A . Al-Bakr appeared before the court in the eastern city of Dresden after being arrested overnight in a raid on an apartment in nearby Leipzig. Preliminary investigations suggest that Albakr was probably linked to the Islamic State group, police said . Read More »

President Obama Calls Donald Trump's Tape 'Repugnant'


The Obama administration's announcement follows the publication of thousands of emails allegedly hacked from the personal account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta by whistleblowing organisation WikiLeaks. By Friday's announcement was the first time the USA government has publicly blamed the cyber-attacks on another country in order to influence the U.S. Read More »