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Papadopoulos Sentenced To 14 Days In Prison


The former aide was the first person to be arrested as part of the special counsel's investigation. Papadopoulos was sentenced by a federal judge to jail for 14 days, one year of supervised release, and a fine of $9,500. He portrayed Papadopoulos as a naive young man who was "being worked by a pro", a reference to Professor Mifsud, whom he later said he believes was working for Russian Federation and trying to take advantage of his client. Read More »

Top Court's Historic Verdict: Homosexuality Decriminalised


The high court's ruling represents the culmination of a years-long battle to achieve equal rights for gays and lesbians. Arun Kumar, a spokesman for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the parent organization of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, said Indian society "traditionally does not recognize" gay relationships, the Press Trust of India news agency reported. Read More »

Trump thanks North Korea's Kim, says 'we will get it done together'


Kim told South Korean officials his faith in Trump was "unchanged" and he wanted denuclearization and an end to hostile relations with the United States within Trump's first term in office, ending in early 2021, Chung said. The milestone meeting resulted in an accord, sealed by Trump and Kim, in Singapore in June, but the talks between Pyongyang and Washington stalled as both sides disagreed on how to carry out the vaguely-worded agreement. Read More »

73 arrested, charged amid protests at Kavanaugh hearings

TRT World's North America Correspondent Jon Brain reports from Washington. Yet my own favorite moment was Judge Kavanaughs answer to a question from Senator Mike Lee of Utah. In citing examples of judicial independence, Kavanaugh mentioned a 1974 ruling ordering President Richard Nixon to hand over subpoenaed materials during the Watergate scandal and a 1954 Supreme Court ruling ending racial segregation in public schools. Read More »

Trump says Sessions safe in job at least until November elections


When asked in the Bloomberg News interview whether he would comply if Mr Mueller issued a subpoena for him to appear for questioning, Mr Trump said: "I'll see what happens". Trump said Wednesday on Twitter that Don McGahn will leave in the fall. "I view it as an illegal investigation". "I liked Don, but he was NOT responsible for me not firing Bob Mueller or Jeff Sessions ". Read More »

Puerto Rico raises Hurricane Maria death toll to 2,975


The report, "Ascertainment of the Estimated Excess Mortality from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico ", can be accessed here . Researchers said they adjusted for various factors that could account for fluctuations in mortality, most notably the displacement of some 241,000 residents who fled the island in the immediate aftermath of the storm. Read More »

UAE, Saudi Arabia may have committed war crimes in Yemen: UN experts


A team of United Nations human rights experts have accused the US -backed, Saudi-led coalition of committing possible war crimes in Yemen, including the bombing and shelling of schools, hospitals and markets. But a former Barack Obama administration official said it's not clear that the Saudis - or their allies - will face any legal jeopardy for the recent spate of bombings. Read More »

Militants in Idlib planning ‘false flag’ chemical attack: Russian MoD


He said there needed to be a political solution that "preserves Syria's territorial integrity, security, and stability as well as the safety of citizens regardless of their religion or race". According to Russia's Kommersant newspaper, Moscow has also mobilised two surface-to-air missile defence systems in Syria and air defences have been placed on high alert in anticipation of a potential U.S. Read More »

John McCain Aide Reads Senator's Final Message To America


John McCain sent one final farewell message to the American people and with it, one last condemnation of the President Donald Trump and his policies. US Senator John McCain , the Vietnam war hero turned presidential candidate has died. Vietnam's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh writes in a condolence book near a portrait of U.S. Read More »

Inbound Australian PM Scott Morrison gives his first address


It was described as madness by many and I think it's hard to describe it in any other way". Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been one of the first world leaders to congratulate Australia's incoming Prime Minister Scott Morrison and says he has been involved proactively in promoting New Zealand to the world in the past. Read More »

Australia's new PM announces Cabinet


The environment and energy portfolio, which was held by the man who is now Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, was also broken up in an acknowledgement of the tensions the two issues caused within the party. Australia's new prime minister announced a peace-making Cabinet on Sunday that does not punish his rivals in a bruising power struggle that ousted his predecessor days ago and divided a government that lags in opinion polls . Read More »

WestJet cancels Hawaii flights due to Hurricane Lane


The department is also coordinating with the 375,000-strong Filipino community through the Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu. The eastern side of the island picked up almost 3 inches (7.62 centimeters) of rain in three hours, while there was light rain in other areas, Foster said . Read More »

Former Nazi Concentration Camp Guard Deported To Germany


In 2003, the court denied the pallium of United States citizenship for " participation in genocide against Jewish civilians ", but due to the fact that Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other countries refused to accept him, he continued to live in their two-story house in Queens along with 86-year-old wife Maria. Read More »

Air quality reaches hazardous levels in Spokane


Until then, air quality levels can be expected to oscillate between unhealthy and moderate. Check the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency's website for the most recent conditions. A province-wide state of emergency has been in effect since August 15. Another notable fire, the 633-hectare Gottfriedsen Mountain fire, was brought under control on Sunday. Read More »

Trump doubles down on security clearances; former officials slam move


Speaking to reporters while leaving the White House Friday, Mr. Trump was asked if a current Department of Justice official working on the Russian Federation probe should lose his clearance, as some conservatives are suggesting. They said they did not necessarily concur with all the opinions expressed by Brennan, or the way in which he expressed them. Two of those who signed the statement - former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director Michael Hayden - were ... Read More »

In tribute to Vajpayee, PM Modi walks the extra mile


Indian politicians and celebrities, including cricket captain Virat Kohli and opposition Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi, took to Twitter to post their condolences. "Vajpayee, as foreign minister, took responsibility of improving India-Pakistan ties", Khan was quoted as saying. Describing former prime minister's death as a "huge personal loss", Singh said he was pained beyond words at the demise of Vajpayee, who had cherished the ideal of a developed and powerful India. Read More »

Omarosa's Recording Is a 'Violation'

Writing on Twitter , he said: " Wacky Omarosa , who got fired three times on the Apprentice , now got fired for the last time". She had also defended Trump against accusations of racism. Months after the wedding, Politico reported that Omarosa brought her bridal party of 39 to the White House following her ceremony for a photo shoot in the Rose Garden and West Wing. Read More »

Erdogan says United States set deadline for pastor's release


Independent analysts argue the central bank should instead raise rates to tame inflation and support the currency. It hit a record low after Trump announced he had authorised higher tariffs on imports from Turkey, imposing duties of 20% on aluminium and 50% on steel. Read More »

Donald Trump stumps in central OH for 12th congressional candidate


He also brought on-stage Freedom Caucus member and Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, who praised the president on his leadership and accomplishments, amid cheers from the crowd saying "speaker of the house". Steve Stivers. Trump said. "What a great defender he's been, what courage". Democrats have "a weak candidate because there's no message", he declared. Read More »

Gates Testifies He Helped Manafort Fudge Info To Obtain Loans


Gates, 46, is already facing up to six years in prison under the terms of a plea deal he struck with prosecutors in February when he pleaded guilty to two charges of conspiracy and lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Kevin Downing, an attorney for Manafort, accused Gates of having a "separate, secret life" with his lover in London and of using business expenses to pay for the affair, including an apartment in London. Read More »

Star Witness Gates Testifies He Committed Crimes With Manafort


On day five of the trial in Alexandria, Virginia, Gates was asked by the prosecutor whether he had committed any crimes with Mr Manafort, and he said: "Yes". Rick Gates has been regarded as a crucial government witness ever since he pleaded guilty previous year and agreed to cooperate in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. Read More »

United States revives sanctions to hurt Iran economy


On Monday, the White House announced detailed sanctions that would be imposed against Iran as the USA reached a 90-day "wind-down period" since leaving the agreement. "An informed diplomatic source said Sunday that Saudi Arabia had agreed to grant a visa to the head. of Iran's interests section", reported the state-owned IRNA Iranian news agency adding that "Observers saw a positive diplomatic step in Tehran-Riyadh relations". Read More »

China Warns Of Retaliation If US Takes More Trade Steps


China is threatening to impose the tariffs on a wide range of products, including chemicals, plastics and leather goods, according to business groups representing those industries. While a trade dispute is obviously not comparable to a shooting war, the current U.S. That prompted concern among American companies that retaliation might expand to disrupting their operations in China. Read More »

North Korea only returned one dog tag to identify war remains

Intelligence collected by United States agencies showed, however, that senior North Korean officials have discussed plans to deceive Washington about the number of nuclear warheads and missiles they possess, as well as the types and number of facilities, and to rebuff worldwide inspectors, according to the Post . Read More »

Hijacking not ruled out over disappearance of missing flight MH370


On 29 May, Malaysia called off a three-month search by U.S. firm Ocean Infinity, which had spanned 112,000 square kilometres (43,243 square miles) in the southern Indian Ocean and ended with no significant findings. The report was due to released publicly later in the day. "They appear not to have questioned or challenged what was handed over to them nor was any new independent investigation launched", said Nathan, criticising the scope of the investigation. Read More »