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Trump on Israeli-Palestinian peace: 'We will get it done'

Abbas said Palestinians are not cultivating a hatred of Israel as he rejected Trump's position, which is also held by Netanyahu. The meeting Wednesday is a sign that " Trump s approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is more conventional than anyone expected", said Ilan Goldenberg of the Center for New American Security. Read More »

Tehran mayor Qalibaf quits presidential race, backs hardliner Raisi

Attracting attention for his caustic criticism of President Rouhani during live televised debates, Qalibaf was categorized as a principlist figure along with two other candidates, Ebrahim Raisi and Mostafa Aqa-Mirsalim. In recent weeks on the campaign trail Rouhani has also taken aim at the country's Revolutionary Guards claiming that the military institution had attempted to scupper a landmark nuclear deal signed by Tehran in late 2015 with the USA, and five other world powers. Read More »

Now what? Election puts BC into political parts unknown


Clark also appeared to be doing her best to woo the Green Party supporters and its three members of the legislature, including leader Andrew Weaver. When it was all said and done, Christy Clark and the BC Liberals claimed the province's first minority government in more than six decades. Read More »

With Merkel and PM, France's new president wastes no time


The 39-year-old centrist leader laid out his ambitious plans for France as he took power on Sunday, promising to restore France's shattered self-confidence and help rebuild the flagging European Union. Picking him would send a clear signal that Macron hopes to attract other young modernisers from the Republicans to his new centrist party, Republic on the Move (REM), which will contest parliamentary elections in June. Read More »

Palestinian West Bank local elections a test for Fatah party


The West Bank and Gaza have not participated in an election together since 2006, when Hamas swept Palestinian parliamentary polls, sparking a conflict that led to near civil war in Gaza the following year. The Palestinian high court ruled in October that the municipal elections should be held only in the West Bank because the judiciary in Gaza did not have the necessary "guarantees" in place - a decision denounced by Hamas as "political". Read More »

Iraq, US in talks to keep American troop presence after IS

Close U.S. support should help the involvement of the armoured division and reduce the risk for civilians, U.S. Army Lt. -Col. Iraqi forces also hope to split ISIS's defenses and ease the advance of its special counter-terrorism force into the historic parts of the city, where ISIS appears poised to make its last stand. Read More »

President Trump delivers commencement address at Liberty University

Trump gave the commencement address at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, this morning, telling the evangelical Christian school's graduates to defy expectations, keep faith in God, and fight again established systems. In introducing Trump today, Falwell said the president had fulfilled "a promise for returning political free-speech rights" to universities like Liberty. Read More »

Don't call me Caitlyn: Baby name plunges in popularity


Frankie, Ayan, Camren, Deshawn and Jayvion were the least popular names for boys in 2016 while Janiya, Jocelynn, Libby, Princess and Sidney ranked the lowest for girls. For boys in 2016, that name was Kylo, which rose from 3,359 in 2015 to 901 a year ago. "Perhaps this can be attributed to Kehlani Parrish, a singer/songwriter who was nominated for a Grammy in 2016", the agency said. Read More »

Ransomware attacks reported in Europe

A number of English hospitals have been hit by a suspected large scale cyber attack, the NHS has confirmed. The hackers behind the "ransomware" attack were demanding $300 worth of the online currency Bitcoin to release files from encryption, the Mirror and the Telegraph reported . Read More »

Britain WILL send soldiers back to Afghanistan - and THIS is how many


Jens Stoltenberg says the scale and scope of the mission should be decided at an European Union summit in June, and that the forces will be non-combat units. In addition, the United States has about 1,500 more troops in a parallel mission, part of a counter-terrorism unit that mostly targets pockets of al Qaeda and Islamic State fighters. Read More »

Iraqi's Shiite militias launch anti-IS push west of Mosul


He added that the Hashd "is tasked with one of the widest areas, ranging from Qayyara in the west, Tal Afar in the north to the Mosul outskirts in the east and some areas on the Syrian-Iraqi border to the west". Iraq's military does not release casualty figures, but a USA general said at the end of March that 774 Iraqi security personnel had been killed and 4,600 wounded. Read More »

Roger Stone contradicts Trump: I spoke with him 'very recently'


Yesterday, President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey for his handling of the Hillary Clinton email inquiry, citing a Justice Department memorandum censuring Comey for his actions in July and October of previous year. "I would have fired him five seconds after I took my hand off the Bible", Stone said. In a May 5 interview with "The David Webb" show, Stone said the last time he had spoken to the President was "less than a week ago". Read More »

Paddleboarder told to exit water after officials spot 15 great white sharks


Down by the water, "shark advisory" signs warn beach goers to enter at their own risk. A lifeguard chief in the area named Mark Allen also spotted the shark within six feet of the surfer that made the claim. That's because the sharks eat stingrays, which are known to cause painful injuries to people playing in the surf in the area. Thankfully, the sharks were relatively small and were not acting aggressively, so the area beaches were not closed but put under shark advisory instead, the ... Read More »

President Trump Demands 'Goddamned Steam' Catapults in Time Interview


In an interview with Time , Trump rehashed a conversation he had with a representative from General Atomics on why the president thinks that's a bad call. The Navy said Thursday that it was developing a response. The commander-in-chief's exact words: The Navy should be "going to goddamned steam". Not good. Read More »

Russia's Top Diplomat Meets With Trump at White House

Lavrov arrived in Washington on Tuesday; he met with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at the White House early Wednesday, ahead of a visit to the Oval Office to speak with Trump. Seizure of Russia's diplomatic property in the United States is illegitimate and Washington realizes this, Lavrov said. US President Donald Trump has discussed the Syrian civil with Russia's foreign minister in the Oval Office at a time when alleged ties to Moscow are overshadowing the Republican's administration. Read More »

New Hamas chief vows support for Palestinian prisoners


While hunger strikes are not uncommon among the 6,500 Palestinians in Israeli jails, many of whom were convicted of attacks or planning attacks against Israel, this is one of the largest yet. Palestinians called for a boycott of Pizza Hut yesterday after the company's franchise in Israel was accused of mocking hunger-striking prisoners. Pizza Hut issued an apology for the ad on the Facebook account of its franchise in Lebanon. Read More »

Philippines, US launch smaller military exercises


Last year, more than 10,000 participants joined the military exercise, which for years included live-fire exercises and amphibious landing exercises. They will involve 2,600 American soldiers and 2,800 Filipino troops compared to a total of 12,000 in the 2015 edition of Balikatan . Read More »

Springs church leaders respond to 'religious liberty' executive order

Ness, president of the National Partnership for Women & Families, said in a statement . "It's been happening", he said. "Today's executive order signing was an elaborate photo-op with no discernible policy outcome". President Trump's "promoting free speech and religious liberty" order is supposed to protect individuals from negative action for political activity or expression in a religious environment. Read More »

United States needs govt shutdown to fix mess

Missouri's U.S. Senator Roy Blunt, a fellow Republican, said he understood Trump's frustration with the Senate requirement for 60 votes to pass legislation, but cautioned against rushing to blow up the long standing rule. Last Thursday, Trump had tweeted that Democrats were threatening to close national parks as part of the negotiations "and shut down the government". Read More »

Tories make gains in United Kingdom local elections

Jeremy Corbyn's office are keen to find out just how much of this had been carried out in areas where council results were poor. The huge majority she covets will free her from worrying about how to sell the Brexit deal she gets to Parliament, as well as allowing her to implement whatever domestic policies she chooses. Read More »

Can't pressure China on int'l court's ruling


Duterte said the Philippines will instead coax ASEAN and China to come up together with a legally binding code of conduct to handle the dispute, and to produce a framework for this over the next few months. Chinese structures are pictured at the disputed Spratlys in the South China Sea on April 21, 2017. China has steadfastly opposed the raising in worldwide forums of its territorial disputes with five governments, including ASEAN members Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Read More »

Israeli missile shoots down 'target' over Golan Heights

A thud could be heard in Damascus city and surrounding areas", said a statement from Rami Abdulrahman, the founder of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights . Israel does not usually confirm or deny each individual raid it carries out. Responding to the strike, the Syrian Arab News Agency claimed "Israeli aggression comes as a desperate attempt to raise the collapsed morale of terrorist groups due to the Syrian army's blows and this aggression will not dissuade the army ... Read More »

Trump announces trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Vatican


This month he will take his first foreign trip as president. A senior administration official said the planning started shortly after the elections after being approached by Saudi Arabia wanting to reset warm relations with the U.S. From Saudi Arabia, Mr Trump will travel to Israel - leaving open the possibility of an additional stop in the West Bank. "Tolerance is the cornerstone of peace", Trump said during an event in the White House's Rose Garden. Read More »

Ballistic missile test-fired from California coastal base


Craig Ramsey, commander of the 576th Flight Test Squadron, said in a statement . On Friday, North Korea's military launched a ballistic missile hours after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on the U.N. "Based on satellite imagery alone, it is unclear if this activity indicates that a nuclear test has been cancelled, the facility is in stand-by mode or that a test is imminent", it said. Read More »

Nigeria president attends Friday prayers amid health woes


In March, Mr Buhari returned from seven weeks of medical leave in the United Kingdom where he was treated for an undisclosed illness. "Shouldn't Aisha Buhari know better about her husband's health status than SERAP?" He missed his third straight cabinet meeting this morning. Read More »

Iraq PM: No US combat troops to stay in Iraq after IS


Iraqi army and federal police divisions are participating in the push along with the elite rapid response units who fall under federal police command, Rasool said . The Iraqi security forces continue their maneuver around the city and they'll position themselves for these last few neighborhoods. Separately, Captain Ali al-Bahadoli of Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) said government forces had lobbed a barrage of missiles at an area west of Mosul , killing scores of Daesh militants. Read More »

Know your SSLC results from 2 PM today, here is the link

Streets of Kerala are beaming with the smiles of students today, as the Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan has announced Kerala SSLC Results 2017 today. Exam 2017 results have been declared and can be found on the official site of the board. So, the total strength of the year is almost about 7 lakh students. Announcement of results: 4 May 2017. Select Kerala SSLC Result or Kerala THSLC Link. Read More »

KM Mani, CPM face brickbats for 'opportunism'


The decision was surprising even to the Kerala Congress leaders. Soon after these accusations emerged, Mani feigned ignorance about the coalition and said that it was the decision of the "pained" party workers who were sidelined by the Kottayam District Congress Committee (DCC). Read More »