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Visa program touted by Kushners has fraught political history

Bustle has reached out to the White House and Kushner Companies for comment. "In the course of discussing this project and the firm's history with potential investors, Ms. KEITH: Steve Park is a partner at the law firm Ballard Spahr and specializes in the EB-5 program, working on both real estate projects and even with some manufacturers. Read More »

Does US believe Western Wall is in Israel?

And so Trump has no clear policy on the status of "Palestine" and the West Bank or Jerusalem and its holiest sites not five days before he is set to visit both. More than a third of Palestinians believe his administration will allow continued Israeli settlement building, escalating Israeli-Palestinian tensions. Read More »

Iran reformist drops out of election, supports Rouhani

Iranian voters are set to cast ballot in the country's presidential election on Friday. Rouhani faces five other - mostly conservative - challengers during Friday's presidential race, and particularly strong competition from cleric and judge Ebrahim Raisi who has the backing of hardliners in the regime. Read More »

PM Modi speaks to French President-Elect Macron


His startup political movement - optimistically named " En Marche! ". (Forward!) - has no seats in the legislature which is dominated by Socialists and Republicans. Hollande decided past year not to even seek re-election, the first incumbent not to try for a second term since the Fifth Republic was created in 1958. Read More »

US makes proposal to Russia for managing Syria battlefield


While Dunford said military coordination was prohibited by USA law, he said expanded communications would be helpful as the areas where US troops and aircraft operate become "increasingly complex and constrained". But he also said the strategy would prevent ISIS foreign fighters from returning home and carrying out attacks on the USA and its allies. "And, I think, perhaps most importantly, we've undermined the credibility of their narrative that there is a physical caliphate in Iraq and ... Read More »

Michael Flynn and other campaign staffers made multiple calls to Russians


The 18 interactions are considered to be part of the larger body of information that is now comprising investigations into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election by both the FBI and investigators in Congress. Trump and his aides have repeatedly denied any collusion with Russian Federation. The remaining 12 involved calls, texts, or emails to various Russians who are regarded as being close to President Vladimir Putin . Read More »

Who's on the guest list for Pippa Middleton's wedding?


And a pharaonic budget. Is an engagement on the cards for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Respectively named page and bridesmaid one day they will be the other star of the day, what bothers the wife of William, as reported Hello. Known for her classic approach to style, Kate looked superb as she stepped out in Luxembourg last week, dressed in a bespoke blue Emilia Wickstead coat with long sleeves and a full, subtly pleated skirt. Read More »

Senate Considering Tweaks To Medicaid Per-Capita Caps

Oh wait, I forgot, the House Republican plan would protect 5 percent of people with pre-existing conditions. It's called an invisible high-risk pool - "invisible" because people in ME didn't even know when they were in it. The GOP rollback would undo that while robbing local health-care pillars like Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia of revenue needed to care for those who are poor. Read More »

Mexico reporters mourn brave murdered mentor


Valdez, who spent his career investigating drug cartels, was shot dead on May 15, 2017, in Sinaloa state. Valdez's murder is the latest in a string of killings of journalists in Mexico. Past measures have been ineffective in stopping bloodshed among the country's media workers. Valdez Cardenas was last seen carrying his cell-phone and laptop, said fellow reporters, neither of which were found in his auto. Read More »

Judiciary senators want White House, FBI memos


Chaffetz, R-Utah, said Wednesday afternoon that he had yet to issue the invitation because Comey "evidently has a new (number)". Chaffetz also questioned the appointment of a special counsel to take over the investigation into possible Russian interference during the 2016 US election, which Comey had been leading until he was sacked. Read More »

Donald Trump allegedly shares 'highly classified' info with Russians


That intelligence, the Times reported on Tuesday , came from Israel, a key U.S. ally. The White House initially denied the allegations - but Trump then admitted sharing the intel . "The information the president relayed had been provided by a United States partner through an intelligence-sharing arrangement considered so sensitive that details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the USA government", the report said, citing officials. Read More »

White House insists Trump's disclosures 'wholly appropriate'

He said that while co-operation would continue, intelligence professionals would "think twice" before sharing information. Trump's national security adviser also insisted Tuesday the story was no big deal. A spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister's office declined to comment to Newsweek on the reports. The White House on Tuesday defended President Donald Trump's disclosur. Read More »

UN Security Council for imposing sanctions on North Korea's missile test


Japanese officials said Sunday that the missile flew for a half-hour and reached an unusually high altitude before landing in the Sea of Japan. Schilling also predicts the missile could have flown almost 2,800 miles (or about 4,500 kilometers) if launched on a maximum trajectory - which would put Guam within striking distance of North Korean missles but "won't greatly change the strategic balance" because "aside from Guam, there aren't really any interesting targets in that range". Read More »

Abe, Moon discuss North Korea, 'comfort women' issue


The deployment of the Thaad system was agreed on by Park's administration previous year after North Korea conducted a long-range rocket launch that put an object into space. He is reportedly against the aggressive military measures Trump has threatened to deploy if North Korea does not back down from vigorously expanding its nuclear regime. Read More »

Democrats Going to Do Whatever It Takes to Impeach Trump

Before Comey was sacked, the ex-FBI director reportedly asked Rosenstein for more resources with which to conduct the Russian Federation investigation. "Why is he not doing the same here?" he asked. They've ignored all of Trump's corruption so far, what's a few more broken laws when a trillion dollars in tax cuts for the rich are at stake? A senator wounded in combat says she's concerned that President Donald Trump's "unpredictable behavior and rhetoric" is undercutting the Pentagon's ... Read More »

Changing strategy, the White House goes mum on Comey memo

Speaking at a joint news conference with the visiting Italian prime minister, Putin said on Wednesday Moscow initially found debates about Russia's meddling in US politics as "funny" but said Moscow is now "concerned because it's hard to imagine what the people who produce such nonsense can come up with next". Read More »

Ohio high school students get pepper-sprayed for class


A group of OH teens recently volunteered to get pepper sprayed as part of their criminal technology course. It doesn't take long before the effects of the pepper spray - which has oleoresin capsicum , an oil found in very hot peppers, as its main ingredient - take hold. Read More »

Police officer who shot and killed Texas teen is fired


Balch Springs Police Officer Roy Oliver , the second officer to arrive on the scene, fired multiple shots with a rifle into the vehicle, killing Edwards. Video showed the vehicle was backing away and Oliver shot into the auto, hitting Edwards. "While our family attempts to cope with our loss, we ask that at this time the community please refrain from protests and marches in Jordan's and our family's name as we prepare for his funeral", the family's statement continued. Read More »

Texas girl chokes on fidget spinner part


A Texas mom is warning about the potential choking hazard of fidget spinners, that hot new toy fascinating kids and frustrating some teachers . They were driving home from a swim meet Saturday when Joniec said she could hear her daughter retching in the backseat. Read More »

Trump on Israeli-Palestinian peace: 'We will get it done'

Abbas said Palestinians are not cultivating a hatred of Israel as he rejected Trump's position, which is also held by Netanyahu. The meeting Wednesday is a sign that " Trump s approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is more conventional than anyone expected", said Ilan Goldenberg of the Center for New American Security. Read More »

Tehran mayor Qalibaf quits presidential race, backs hardliner Raisi


Attracting attention for his caustic criticism of President Rouhani during live televised debates, Qalibaf was categorized as a principlist figure along with two other candidates, Ebrahim Raisi and Mostafa Aqa-Mirsalim. In recent weeks on the campaign trail Rouhani has also taken aim at the country's Revolutionary Guards claiming that the military institution had attempted to scupper a landmark nuclear deal signed by Tehran in late 2015 with the USA, and five other world powers. Read More »

Now what? Election puts BC into political parts unknown

Clark also appeared to be doing her best to woo the Green Party supporters and its three members of the legislature, including leader Andrew Weaver. When it was all said and done, Christy Clark and the BC Liberals claimed the province's first minority government in more than six decades. Read More »

With Merkel and PM, France's new president wastes no time

The 39-year-old centrist leader laid out his ambitious plans for France as he took power on Sunday, promising to restore France's shattered self-confidence and help rebuild the flagging European Union. Picking him would send a clear signal that Macron hopes to attract other young modernisers from the Republicans to his new centrist party, Republic on the Move (REM), which will contest parliamentary elections in June. Read More »

Palestinian West Bank local elections a test for Fatah party


The West Bank and Gaza have not participated in an election together since 2006, when Hamas swept Palestinian parliamentary polls, sparking a conflict that led to near civil war in Gaza the following year. The Palestinian high court ruled in October that the municipal elections should be held only in the West Bank because the judiciary in Gaza did not have the necessary "guarantees" in place - a decision denounced by Hamas as "political". Read More »

Iraq, US in talks to keep American troop presence after IS

Close U.S. support should help the involvement of the armoured division and reduce the risk for civilians, U.S. Army Lt. -Col. Iraqi forces also hope to split ISIS's defenses and ease the advance of its special counter-terrorism force into the historic parts of the city, where ISIS appears poised to make its last stand. Read More »

Don't call me Caitlyn: Baby name plunges in popularity


Frankie, Ayan, Camren, Deshawn and Jayvion were the least popular names for boys in 2016 while Janiya, Jocelynn, Libby, Princess and Sidney ranked the lowest for girls. For boys in 2016, that name was Kylo, which rose from 3,359 in 2015 to 901 a year ago. "Perhaps this can be attributed to Kehlani Parrish, a singer/songwriter who was nominated for a Grammy in 2016", the agency said. Read More »

President Trump delivers commencement address at Liberty University

Trump gave the commencement address at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, this morning, telling the evangelical Christian school's graduates to defy expectations, keep faith in God, and fight again established systems. In introducing Trump today, Falwell said the president had fulfilled "a promise for returning political free-speech rights" to universities like Liberty. Read More »

Ransomware attacks reported in Europe

A number of English hospitals have been hit by a suspected large scale cyber attack, the NHS has confirmed. The hackers behind the "ransomware" attack were demanding $300 worth of the online currency Bitcoin to release files from encryption, the Mirror and the Telegraph reported . Read More »