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Revenue department encourages e-filing as tax season opens


Previously, wage forms had to be sent to taxpayers by January 31 and to the Social Security Administration a month or two later, depending on whether they were being filed by paper or electronically. The agency's NYC Free Tax Prep program invites New Yorkers who earned $64,000 or less previous year to seek free tax assistance in person at more than 200 sites around the city or through its website . Read More »

NOAA Releases First GOES 16 Image


The Advanced Baseline Imager on the satellite takes high-resolution pictures in 16 spectrums. GOES-16 launched on November 19, 2016, and orbits from about 22,300 miles (35,900 kilometers) above Earth - a position called geostationary orbit. Read More »

Apple and Amazon end controversial audiobook exclusivity deal


The deal's termination touches all markets that Apple and Amazon previously had exclusive audiobook coverage over, not just those in Europe. The two companies had an exclusivity agreement whereby Apple could only source audiobooks from Amazon's Audible business and Audible could not supply other music digital platforms with the content besides Apple's iTunes store. Read More »

Tesla's Elon Musk praises report that closed Autopilot investigation


After a six month investigation into the death of a Tesla driver following a fatal crash in July 2016, United States auto safety regulators disclosed that they have found no evidence of defects in Tesla Motors. Early responses to the crash were varied, but many called on Tesla to revoke the features as a safety measure. The NHTSA said the automated systems on a Tesla primarily protects against rear-end collisions and not the type of accident which killed the former Navy SEAL. Read More »

India raises CPEC, raps China for insensitivity

China's Foreign Ministry on Wednesday lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "positive remarks" at a global think-tank event in New Delhi on Tuesday. Talking about geopolitical issues, he said the world in 2017 is marked by "unevenness, possibilities and uncertainties" and that the United States seemed ready to change the terms of its engagement with the world. Read More »

Before Running for President, Trump Described Russia as "Our Biggest Problem"

At a news conference with the president of Moldova on Tuesday, Putin was asked about the unverified dossier . Speaking at his annual press conference, Sergei Lavrov dismissed the dossier compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele as a "crude provocation" and referred to Steele as a "fugitive crook from MI6". Read More »

Donald Trump Warns BMW With Border Tax For Cars Built In Mexico

The US president-elect also complained in Bild that Germans do not buy Chevrolets in similar numbers as German brands, such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. BMW Manufacturing in Greer produces the X3, X4, X5, and X6 models. The country produces 3.3m cars a year, with 82 per cent of its 2.7m exports going to either the United States or Canada. Read More »

Don't You Dare Sell The Atlanta Falcons Short!

And it's not a bad plan, either, as Panthers' official team DJ, DJ Vinny, might have proven the psych out works during the recent Panthers/Seahawks game . Can the Seahawks say the same about their defense? Despite going 13-3 as the starter, Prescott had a ton of support from his stellar offensive line and running back. Read More »

Climate Change Will Kill Off The Polar Bears, Feds Warn

Fish and Wildlife Service writes in a manual dedicated to conserving the bears , the Huffington Post reports . FWS officials warned everyone that the fate of polar bears will be determined by "our willingness and ability to address climate change". Read More »

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15002 for PC Debuts


Microsoft plans to revamp how privacy is managed in the upcoming Creators Update to Windows 10, both as part of the initial setup as well as the amount of data it collects in day-to-day diagnostics. The idea: Delay large downloads that would exhaust the month's supply of allowed data until the user is in a location - a public hotspot, say - where the Internet can be accessed without penalty. Read More »

PS4 Slim Launching In Glacier White Color Later This Month


To check out this beauty in all of its glory, you can see the picture above, or the trailer below. Glacier White PS4 Controller - Not one to eat around, could you imagine Wotsit fingers over this? In an effort to entice those still sitting on the sidelines, Sony is introducing a new color for the PS4, and it's getting its trial run in Europe. Read More »

Chevy Bolt is vehicle of the Year


The process of selecting the Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the year starts in June by identifying vehicles eligible for the awards. The Bolt EV, Pacifica, and Ridgeline were selected from a group of finalists that included the Genesis G90 and Volvo S90 for auto of the year; Ford Super Duty and Nissan Titan for truck of the year; and, Jaguar F-Pace and Mazda CX-9 for utility vehicle of the year . Read More »

Mystery cosmic radio bursts pinpointed


To further investigate the phenomena, researchers utilized a multiple-antenna radio telescope known as the Karl G Jansky Very Large Array (VLA ) in New Mexico, which had adequate resolution to figure out the positioning of a flash referred to as FRB 121102 . Read More »

BMW to place 40 self-drive cars on U.S. and European roads


At CES this week Intel revealed its new GO solution for autonomous driving, combining its expertise in processors and FPGA technologies with a scalable development and compute platform for carmakers. The combination Intel GO and Mobileye forms the computing platform that will go in each autonomous vehicle. As many as 40 autonomous BMW 7-series cars will hit the streets later this year. Read More »

2016 will include extra second to compensate for Earth's rotation


UTC , Coordinated Universal Time , tries to approximate Universal Time using the TAI's ticks. To sum it up, you will need a wait a second longer to bid adieu to the Year 2016 and welcome 2017. Internet services also need ideal time synchronization, and Google will, instead of adding one second suddenly, will make the increment in much smaller even installments spread over 20 hours. Read More »

Super Mario Run shatters iOS download records despite poor reviews


That would be quite the annoying experience and to help you better imagine it all, Pocket Gamer has hand-crafted a couple of screenshots to illustrate. And since it's users and not critics who will go out and buy the game - or not - Nintendo may have a problem on its hands. There's some technical flaws as well: it crashed on me once, lags a bit when texts or phone alerts come in, and had some other random choppiness. Read More »

Alec Baldwin reveals how much he's paid to portray Trump on SNL


SNL's producers were blindsided by Trump's win along with the rest of the country, Baldwin added; the expectation was that regular cast member McKinnon would play President Hillary Clinton for the next four years. Alec Baldwin has won over USA viewers with his spot-on impersonations of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live this season. And despite the opportunity for Baldwin, an open liberal, to rip into Trump, his appearances may not continue to be as frequent as they have been. Read More »

Instagram Stories Updated with Holiday Stickers, Location Icons and Hands-Free Camera


Instagram is launching the feature with a collection of holiday-themed stickers , in addition to context-sensitive stickers for location, time, and temperature. That's a bit misleading; all it means is that you don't have to hold down the video button to record a video anymore. Facebook did try to buy the company in xxxx, but since Mark turned his eyes from the yellow end, Instagram has used its wider market appeal and 600 million users to slowly remodel a more-user friendly, ad-ready ... Read More »

Monterey Bay killer whales vs shark

In the footage, it appears that the four killer whales were eating a sevengill shark . Drone pilot Slater Moore , who was aboard the SeaWolfe II last Tuesday with a whale watch tour group under the company Monterey Bay Whale Watch , captured an incredible footage after he saw two killer whales indulging in a "snack". Read More »

UFC on Fox 22: VanZant vs


VanZant, a Sacramento native, has won four of five fight inside the Octagon and is coming off a second-round head-kick knockout of Bec Rawlings back in August. You have young fighters on the rise mixed in with veterans. Stick with us throughout the night for all your UFC Fight Night: VanZant vs. Waterson coverage. Read More »

BILL GATES: Trump's messaging strategy reminds me of John F. Kennedy

This new $1 billion fund marks a concrete milestone toward keeping that promise, bringing the BEV Coalition one step closer toward achieving its clean energy goals. executive chairman Jack Ma, billionaire natural gas trader John Arnold , Kingdom Holding founder Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, and others. The Dec. 12 announcement comes less than a week after President-elect Donald Trump announced he will nominate the attorney general of Oklahoma, a climate-change skeptic, to lead the ... Read More »

SpaceX's 1st launch since rocket blast now bumped to January

The setback for SpaceX comes a day after the company announced it is targeting a launch date in early January for its next mission - pending FAA approval of course. Dubbed the Iridium Next satellite fleet, they will provide a variety of customers - including military, oil and gas companies, and private citizens - access to global voice and data coverage. Read More »

These are the top moments on Facebook in Ireland in 2016

Facebook announces Year in Review data - the most talked about topics on the platform for 2016-singers, senators, shark and sports were the topics that got the 15 million Australians who regularly use Facebook sharing in 2016. Before you get too excited, it is worth mentioning that while there is a handy how to guide on creating and sharing your Facebook for the Year in Review video , the actual link on the page now says, "Sorry!" Dena Blizzard , Pokemon Go for ... Read More »

Crackdown 3 runs at 4K on Xbox Scorpio, arrives in 2017


But online, the Xbox One achieves over 120 Compute Units of power with the CLOUD Based Computational assists and Game Streaming capabilities. The ability to render visual details at 60 Hz is a big advantage, leading to a smoother and improved gaming experience, although Games Farm CEO Peter Nagy said that the Xbox Project Scorpio's power will not rely entirely on the GPU. Read More »

General Mills to Cut 400 - 600 Jobs Worldwide


General Mills also announced that Jeff Harmening , its President and COO, has assumed responsibility for global operations, reporting to Chairman and CEO Ken Powell . The company will also enhance its growth capabilities in several areas including strategic revenue management, e-commerce, and marketing innovation, and intends to "augment" its existing talent with external expertise in these areas during the coming months. Read More »

Apple says iPhone 6S battery issue bigger than first thought


The best of the bunch: Apple will finally include wireless charging capability, ending all those maddening moments when your battery fizzled and you were nowhere near an electrical outlet. To finally fix battery shutdown issue with the iPhone 6S, Apple is now working on a diagnostic tool to figure out a solution in its upcoming iOS update. Read More »

Soyinka blasts 'death of Nigeria's common sense' in green card row


Why do Nigerians weep more than the bereaved? A visibly angry Mr. Soyinka, who was speaking about the controversy that arose over his threat to destroy his American Green Card following the election of Mr. "If I decide to leave the US, it is my personal decision and not that of the millipedes of the Internet. On behalf of the ministry, I salute him and wish him longer life so that this exemplary Nigerian and global citizen can continue to make us proud". Read More »