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Dad kills kids on Father's Day, hangs self


He was married, but had been separated from his wife for six months. Friends said that Alvaro Camara is the man that killed his two kids then hanged himself. The coroner identified the 6-year-old girl as Juliana, and 19-month-old boy as Julian. "The mother immediately did report it to the sheriff's department and they immediately began investigating". Read More »

Cuba calls Trump speech on island 'grotesque spectacle'


Trump's approach is aimed at halting the flow of US cash to the country's military while maintaining diplomatic relations . According to reports , Trump enforced restrictions on former President Barack Obama's lenient travel policy to the country. Read More »

Gulf Mediator Says Qatar `Ready to Understand' Region's Concerns


Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah said on Sunday that Qatar is willing to understand the concerns of fellow Gulf states and to hold dialogue to end the current tension, official KUNA news agency reported. A peninsular nation of 2.5 million people, Qatar has for years punched well above its weight in world affairs by parleying its vast gas wealth into influence across the region, irking many with its maverick stances and support for Islamists. Read More »

Biden encourages Romney to consider Senate run in Utah


The two men were on opposite sides of the 2012 election - Biden as the running mate of President Barack Obama and Romney as a Republican presidential candidate. After vice president, secretary of state is perhaps the most powerful position in the government. The former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney , has received unlikely support from his former political rival, Joe Biden . Read More »

Spicer Won't Say Whether Trump Has Confidence in Sessions


Federal court decisions have already cited statements by Trump on the campaign trail, as well as comments by aides, in decisions as judges sought to determine intent. The moment was brief and Sessions made the suggestion after weeks of Trump's disgruntlement and tense private meetings, according to the two people close to the White House who requested anonymity to speak candidly. Read More »

Hamm extends invitation to girl humiliated at youth tournament


She's so good, even though she's only 8, she plays on the 11-year-old roster. "It's what she likes", he said. "It's what she always wants to do, play soccer", Gerardo Hernandez, Mili's father, said. Mili's dad Gerardo Hernandez told the news station that his offspring "was in shock", and that "s$3 he was crying after they told us". Mili said she felt she was treated unfairly. Read More »

Putin Interview: Did Russia Interfere in the US Election?

Among Putin's denials that the Russians had interfered in the US election, he had just offered up a moral logic for Russia - interfering in USA elections. The president fired Flynn in February for his failure to disclose contacts with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak, and for lying to Vice President Mike Pence . Read More »

Man accused of stealing MAX victims backpack, wedding ring apprehended


Suspect in theft of property from Ricky Best has been apprehended. The video shows him leaving the train while holding two backpacks - one of which belongs to Best and contained personal items that are important to his family, police said. Tschaggeny was found wearing Best's ring, which he apparently had removed from Best's finger after the stabbing, said police spokesman Pete Simpson . Read More »

Doctor in Trump Hotel case released but due back in court


Bryan Moles and his attorney leave D.C. Superior Court on June 1, 2017 , after the Pennsylvania man was arraigned on charges that police found a cache of weapons in his vehicle at the Trump International Hotel . Officials described Moles as co-operative with the investigation. "If you had to choose between a Hilton Hotel and a Trump hotel, which would you choose and why?" - a Facebook post by the armed doctor last week read . Read More »

Greg Gianforte Apologizes For Body Slamming Reporter After Winning Election

In a statement, Gianforte's spokesperson, issued a statement claiming that Jacobs entered the headquarters without permission and was the aggressor in the situation. Gianforte also apologized to a Fox News crew that was in the room with him and Jacobs at the time of their encounter. One of Greg's supporters shouted that they had forgiven him, but the congressmen-elect knew that there was one person he needed to apologize to personally. Read More »

Meet in NCAA lacrosse championship


The Maryland Terrapins showed their mettle by holding off pesky Denver to advance to the NCAA national championship in lacrosse for the third straight year. "MVP!" Zoe Ochoa said, hugging her teammate. Maryland was nearly ideal with them a year ago, but was stunned in the title game 13-7 by North Carolina. Read More »

Suspicious item prompts partial evacuation at Newark airport


Newark Airport tells passenger to expect residual delays. Newark Liberty on this holiday weekend, filled with people, when authorities found a suspicious package. K9 units, emergency service units, detectives and the Elizabeth Fire Department were at the scene, police said. This all happened just before 5:00 p.m. Read More »

Trump travels to Bethlehem for talks with Palestinian president

In his speech at Mr Rivlin's official residence, Mr Trump said he was deeply encouraged by his conversations with Muslim world leaders in Saudi Arabia. In his remarks, Trump said the USA welcomes assistance from any nation willing to help eradicate "violent ideologies" that he said have "caused so much needless bloodshed and killing here and all over the world". Read More »

Tab For Single-Payer Proposal In California Could Run $400 Billion


That leaves $200 billion required from new taxes. The state-run system would supplant existing employer health insurance in California, as well as coverage through public programs such as Medicaid and Medicare . The proposal does not have a specific tax proposal in it, which means it could skirt the two-thirds vote requirement necessary for measures that contain a new tax, the Times reported . Read More »

CVS Only Selling Sunscreen With SPF 15 Or Higher

The SPF number is the level of protection sunscreen provides against UVB rays . One of the issues of disagreement is that even though the FDA contends that products labeled with SPF higher than 50 are "inherently misleading", they have not mandated that producers of sunscreen refrain from labeling their product with values above this. Read More »

US Supreme Court rejects two congressional districts in N Carolina

North Carolina prevailed in state court, where a trial judge rejected a claim from several civil rights groups that the districts were unlawfully gerrymandered. Partisan gerrymandering has always been legally acceptable. Such plaintiffs, under Alito's framework, must "come forward with an alternative redistricting map that served the legislature's political objective as well as the challenged version without producing the same racial effects". Read More »

1st court appearance for 3 teens in shooting death of boy, 6


Dwan Wakefield and DeAllen Washington, both 17, and Byron McBride, 19, are all charged as adults with capital murder in the death of Kingston Frazier, who became the subject of an Amber alert after his mother's auto was taken from a Jackson, Miss., grocery store parking lot early Thursday . Read More »

Sunday afternoon clouds to bring 50 percent chance of thunderstorms


It won't sweep through fast enough to cool things down much as highs will still be in the upper 80s this afternoon. Highs in the low and mid 70s. Wind: S 10-15 miles per hour. Southwest wind 7 to 9 miles per hour. Southeast wind around 10 miles per hour. Overnight lows for the next several nights will likely stay in the low 70s. Read More »

Former official says she warned White House about Flynn


The reference noted that although the meaning of the word "fulsome" is muddled and context is key, it can "indicate abundance, but it can also express disapproval of excessive flattery". Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) directly asked Yates on Monday whether she leaked information to the media or whether she asked the intelligence community to reveal Flynn's identity to her. Read More »

County library invites you to 'Build a Better World' this summer


Every child who registers for Summer Reading Club will receive an Applebee's coupon. "In the short term it helps with the summer brain drain that happens when they go back to school in the fall". "We want to offer families fun ways to keep their children learning and active over the summer months", Children's Librarian Sierra Baril said in a recent release. Read More »

Trump and DeVos education cuts "reckless and wrong"


The budget being finalized by DeVos' Education Department proposes both of those cuts and more, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post: After-school programs serving mostly poor children, gifted education, art education, career and technical education, mental-health services, Advanced Placement and math and science courses, even Special Olympics programs - all would feel the knife , a total of $10.6 billion in education cuts. Read More »

Gov. Wolf orders flags to half-staff for Peace Officers Memorial Day

The last Mansfield police officer to lose his life in the line of duty was Brian D. Evans on December 26, 2007. Seven were killed by gunfire, and one died in an automobile accident, the press release said . As cities across the country mark Police Week, the Favelas become a reminder of the sacrifices officers and their families make each day. Since last year's DPS Peace Officer Memorial Service on May 17, 2016, another 18 officers were killed in the line of duty in Texas. Read More »

Chelsea Manning released after seven years from military prison


That sentence was commuted by former President Barack Obama on January 17, 2017 to time served plus 120 days. She was arrested shortly after turning over the trove of secret documents to WikiLeaks in 2010. Manning served the longest sentence of any American whistleblower in history after leaking hundreds of thousands of documents to WikiLeaks containing military incident logs in 2010. Read More »

Tipton: New health plan protects those with pre-existing conditions

But what about the millions who would lose their health care; the insurance companies that again could raise premiums on anyone with pre-existing illnesses; the millions who would be pushed off Medicaid; and the women's health issues which are so different from men's? "Obamacare was based on a one-size-fits-all approach that put bureaucrats in Washington in charge of your health care ", Bost said. Read More »

Officer dies after ambush at OH nursing home


People shouted that they needed police, the witness said. According to WOSU's Esther Honig, that officer was Kirkersville police chief Robert E. Chamberlain II. At least two people were hospitalized and police confirmed a Kirkersville police officer was shot, Columbus-based WSYX reported. By 10:30 a.m., law enforcement officers were moving some of the senior citizens that had been inside the building for hours to a neighboring church across the street. Read More »

Far-right to rally in Berkeley after Coulter talk canceled

Coulter, one of America's best-known and most provocative pundits on the political right, said on Wednesday she no longer meant to defy university officials by speaking on campus without their permission. "Free speech is about uncomfortable speech". Conservative commentator Ann Coulter says her canceled speech at the University of California, Berkeley was simply going to say federal immigration law should be enforced. Read More »

Trump makes puzzling claim about Andrew Jackson, Civil War

Presidential historian Jon Meacham said Tuesday that President Donald Trump told him previous year that he could have negotiated a deal to avert the Civil War . The president of the United States reveals that he does not understand the most basic truths behind the war that birthed America as it exists today. Read More »