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What the Yadav family feud is all about


Responding to a poser on whether Rajya Sabha member Amar Singh is to be blamed for the ongoing feud within the party and family, Yadav said that this question must be asked to "Netaji" and Shivpal. The father-son relationship between Mulayam and Akhilesh took a toll because of the political activities of SP supremo. "My entire life is devoted for the welfare of the people and he will continue to work for them", said Mulayam, 76, who has been chief minister of the state three times. Read More »

A Certain Character Is Finally Returning To Game Of Thrones Next Season


In photos from the set of the HBO drama, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) have been seen shaking hands in what appears to be the first meeting between the two characters. Jon says he will give up his title of King In The North if Daenerys helps him defeat the White Walkers. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow were finally sharing the same space. Read More »

United Nations' Wonder Woman appointment has not impressed Julie Bishop

The announcement was meant to be a happy occasion with Lynda and actress Gal Gadot , who plays Wonder Woman in the new movies, taking centre stage at the event. It can be argued that Wonder Woman has represented sexual bondage imagery for as long as she's represented gender equality, and this year, DC made her queerness official , though that development wasn't mentioned at the United Nations either. Read More »

Bob Dylan's failure to acknowledge Nobel Prize is 'arrogant'

But under Nobel rules, the victor must give one lecture on literature - or in Dylan's case even a concert - within six months to receive the $900,000 prize money. Sara Danius , the Nobel academy's secretary, told Swedish radio on Monday that the academy has given up attempting to contact him and could not confirm whether he would attend the award ceremony in Stockholm on November 10. Read More »

White powder mailed to Clinton's Brooklyn campaign headquarters

The substance was discovered in an envelope addressed to the Clinton campaign, Lt. Thomas Antonetti said. The NYPD spokesman declined to identify the substance other than saying it was not harmful. Another floor used by the Clinton campaign in the building remained operational during the incident. New York Police said four people were exposed to the substance but no injuries or illnesses have been reported. Read More »

Tom Cruise: 'I'm in talks for Top Gun sequel'


Yes, he's kept us entertained as "Mission's" Ethan Hunt, but in his desperation to generate another franchise, the actor - whose career longevity owes to a savvy understanding of his brand - enlists director Edward Zwick to help him resuscitate the role that suits his appeal least. Read More »

Tom Cruise brings action-packed "Jack Reacher" sequel to London

Tom Cruise reenacted his filmography-half of it, at least-in a segment for the The Late Late Show with James Corden. Cruise said he was busy working on his sixth Mission Impossible film and also hinted that he was in talks about taking up his popular role as daring pilot "Maverick" in a Top Gun sequel, although he stopped short of making promises to fans. Read More »

DiCaprio says he's cooperating with DOJ in Malaysian scandal


But the fund has been linked to environmentally destructive practices and was treated as a "personal bank account", according to US Attorney General Loretta Lynch . The press conference took place the morning Mr. DiCaprio was confirmed as attending the BFI London Film Festival for Saturday's European premiere of his environmental documentary Before the Flood . Read More »

Packers: Report says Green Bay acquires running back Knile Davis from Chiefs


He has played in four games this season, carrying the ball once for a loss of two yards and catching two passes for 14 yards. Knile Davis brings another dimension to Green Bay's offense and special teams. Davis recorded a 27.2-yard average on 69 kickoff returns with two TDs. Lacy ran as well as he could on Sunday, but even 17 carries is asking a lot of a running back with an ankle sprain. Read More »

Two women claim Trump touched them inappropriately, reports say

Kasowitz demanding a retraction from the Times . However, the New York Times is standing by its story, with Baquet telling CNN's Brian Stelter the story clearly falls in the realm of public service journalism. Leeds said she did not complain about the incident on the flight because of the culture of the time . High-ranking sources within the Trump campaign had told CNNMoney that they were "drafting" lawsuits against both the Times and The Palm Beach Post , which published a ... Read More »

Man gets 20 years for shooting at George Zimmerman's vehicle


Seminole County authorities, Lisa Apperson said, have "given George Zimmerman a golden ticket to go out and do whatever he wants to do". For those who have spent the last several years forgetting Zimmerman's existence, he is the overzealous former neighborhood watchman who murdered 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012 and got away with it thanks to the state's bogus "Stand Your Ground" law . Read More »

The Battle For Mosul: Five Key Things To Know

The operation to drive ISIS out of the city is of key strategic importance to the Iraqi government and its military, which surrendered and abandoned Mosul to the control of ISIS forces in June 2014. They "say the militants terrorize people, conduct public executions, recruit children as fighters, forbid communication with the outside world - all in the name of enforcing a brutal regime they call Islamic", as NPR's Alice Fordham reported . Read More »

Neymar to re-sign with Barca

Barcelona took to their official Twitter page to confirm that Neymar will sign the deal at a contract ceremony on Friday. Earlier this year, Neymar's agent confirmed that the sharks were circling, with Paris Saint-Germain allegedly willing activate his €193 million release clause and hand him a €650,000 a week salary after taxes . Read More »

'SNL' skewers second presidential debate as 'worst ever'

He also made sure to comment on how McKinnon's Clinton should be in jail, but not before stalking McKinnon around the stage like a shark in one of the sketch's funnier moments. Trump - himself a former SNL host - has been peddling the idea that he would be winning if it wasn't for the dastardly media portraying him as, well, someone he really , really isn't. Read More »

Kim Kardashian Makes Her First Appearance In L.A. Since Robbery


Kim Kardashian reportedly thinks that her husband is being selfish by not remaining by her side after she was nearly killed. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is still too shaken up to make an appearance like that. The star's bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, was not with her at the time because he was providing security for Kardashian's sister Kourtney at a Paris nightclub. Read More »

Some see Pence, post-debate, as top-of-ticket material

The strong performance of Mike Pence in the Vice-presidential debate makes him a leading candidate for the 2020 presidential election, should Donald Trump not get elected. "The vice president's job is to go in and defend the top of the ticket. It was Donald Trump's vision to end illegal immigration once and for all", Pence said. Read More »

Bill Clinton is a sexual predator: Donald Trump


Clinton's campaign raised the curtain on her visit by releasing new ads in Spanish featuring prominent Nevada DREAMer Astrid Silva, who talks about the risks to her if Donald Trump is elected and makes good on his immigration campaign promises. Read More »

More women accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct

The New York Times reported on Wednesday night that two women said they had endured sexual aggression from him, and several others made similar allegations in other media outlets. He walked up, grabbed my hand, and walked me into the bedroom. Zervos walked out and he tried to convince her to lay in his bed with him and watch television, she said. Read More »

Trump supporters target women with #Repealthe19th


Women have voted for the Democratic presidential candidate at a higher percentage than men for the last nine elections. The poll , which was created by American data scientist Nate Silver, was revealed after Trump received considerable backlash for his 2005 sexual comments about women. Read More »

Trump takes credit for Mike Pence's debate performance


Michael Frank, director of the Center for Public Service at Anderson University, said vice presidential debates don't move the needle on support for the presidential ticket. "I mean, what a good debater - he is nothing like you". And he wouldn't defend it. Kaine acknowledged that he was a bit interruptive during the debate. Read More »

Bound and gagged Kardashian Halloween costume pulled

Costumeish has released a Halloween costume inspired by the horrific ordeal Kim Kardashian suffered in Paris. A disclaimer at the bottom of the description on the website says the ring is made out of plastic and not really worth $4 million. Read More »

'Saturday Night Live' Takes Aim at Trump's Hot Mic Scandal


When he dares anyone to show him evidence to the contrary, the broadcast is interrupted by a Breaking News alert that immediately shifts the focus to Trump's lewd and offensive comments which were brought to light this past Friday. When SNL checked in on Kate McKinnon as Clinton, she was popping bottles and wildin' out to Kool and The Gang's "Celebration". "It's a sad day for all women - minus one". Read More »

Campaign manager on Trump's "art of the comeback" after $1B loss

Really, why not run a commercial boasting of his tax genius, as he did ("That makes me smart") during the debate? "Has your father paid federal income tax?" "Here is my question: What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year?" "Yes, he's the only one who can fix our tax codes, just like Hannibal Lecter is the only one who can catch Buffalo Bill", Colbert joked. Read More »

Amanda Holden 'in agony' as she rushes to hospitalised sister's side


The 45 year old actress is said by a source to be in "absolute agony" as she tends to her beloved younger sister in hospital in Cornwall, after a auto smash that occurred on Thursday morning (October 6th). The source added: "She can't believe this has happened". Debbie has been travelling the world since she left the United Kingdom in January 2000 "with a 50 litre backpack and very rough plan", according to the Daily Mail. Read More »

Lady Gaga hits The 5 Spot in Nashville


Not only is she one of the biggest selling music artists of all time, Lady Gaga is a fashion icon for many people around the globe. Instead of playing huge arenas, Mother Monster made a decision to do a mini promo tour at intimate dive bars and introduce her extremely personal fifth album Joanne to her fans which is out on October 21st. Read More »

'Westworld' Review: What If Everyone Is a Robot Except You?


As conceived by writer-director Jonathan Nolan (a veteran of brother Christopher's movies and " Person of Interest ", another series with a baked-in warning about technology) and Lisa Joy , "Westworld" seems just as timely. " Westworld's shock and horror are top-notch, but the subtleties are what make the first handful of episodes addictive". You know something weird is going on but you don't really know what. Read More »

Rosie O'Donnell shares friendly message to Ivanka Trump


You'll be happy to know that both Rosie , 54, and Ivanka , 34, played it very classy when they ran into each other at NYC's Nobu restaurant on October 5. Not surprisingly, Twitter had some prime responses to the new Trump ads. "But you want to know the truth". " Rosie Were you in NYC for the Parade of Boats? It's a small small world after all, it's a small small world". Read More »

Bernie Sanders Is About To Lay The Smackdown On Trump's Tax Loophole

Between now and Election Day, there will be plenty of leaks attacking Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. "None whatsoever", Jack Mitnick , 80, replied when asked how involved Trump was in his tax preparations. "There's no way I can see him winning at this point because of the financial issues", Ruhf explained, "Number one, he claimed to be richer than apparently he really is". Read More »