Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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Main » Android Auto gets a new look, faster access, and a dark theme

Android Auto gets a new look, faster access, and a dark theme

08 May 2019

Other changes include a new dark theme with colourful accents and easier to read fonts, as well as better support for infotainment system using widescreen displays, allowing for more information to be displayed. Everything is tied together under a dark theme, in line with Google's new Material guidelines.

Coupled with that improved on-device machine learning is Live Caption, a new feature targeted at deaf and hard of hearing users.

If your vehicle doesn't support Android Auto, you won't be completely out of luck when it comes to safely accessing your contacts, messages, and navigation app of choice moving forward. So for now, it's Android 10 Q. Drivers can tap a suggested location or use the "Hey Google" voice command to navigate somewhere new. Google has now updated the connectivity suite with new features and a revised interface.

But to really make sure your data is safe, Google is changing the way you can control and assess what kind of data gets stored on your device, and how it gets shared.

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Thanks to the industry-wide support for Project Treble, Android Q Beta 3 is available for a long list of Android handsets; it's not just Pixel handsets this time. But the real big boost to security is a new Android OS framework that allows people to get the latest Android security patches over the air, without ever needing to restart your phone.

Google has always had a hard time making sure that software updates reach consumers on time. Google also improved the app background launching warnings it previously implemented; now they are just blocked.

The new Assistant driving mode takes the current Android Auto phone app and essentially renders it obsolete, while performing numerous same functions. Users will be able to swap and move files between Google Drive, local Chrome OS storage and Linux using the default files app. In a blog post, Android Auto product manager Rod Lopez said this update is supposed to "help you get on the road faster" and "show more useful information at a glance".

As an added bonus, the system will resume playing previous media when reconnected and automatically start the driver's preferred navigation app.

Android Auto gets a new look, faster access, and a dark theme