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Pressure grows on Attorney General Barr over Mueller

04 May 2019

As for producing all the underlying evidence to Congress, Nadler said in his letter to Barr that he would accept, for the time being, "immediate production" of only the "materials specifically cited in the report".

Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler arrives for a House Judiciary Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Subcommittee hearing in Washington, April 30, 2019.

In what clearly seemed to be a vindictive move, aimed at retaliating against the Justice Department for determining not to charge President Donald Trump with obstructing justice, Pelosi sought to make Barr the second attorney general to be held in contempt following Obama "wing-man" Eric Holder.

In a letter to Barr, House Judiciary Chairman Nadler set the 9 a.m. Monday deadline for Barr to comply with the subpoena demanding the unredacted report, as well as underlying evidence from the Mueller probe.

Barr on April 18 released a redacted version of the Mueller report.

Flood argued this was not the job of the special counsel, which is a concern echoed by the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

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"They discussed nuclear agreements, both new and extended, with the possibility of having talks with China on that front, as well", she said, later clarifying Trump and Putin discussed extending existing U.S.

Laura Ingraham said Democrats' treatment of Attorney General Bill Barr amounted to more "stunts and noise", similar to their criticism of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his Senate confirmation hearing last fall. He said Mueller "was very clear with me that he was not suggesting that we had misrepresented his report". His latest testimony, including that Trump's actions weren't criminal, reaffirmed that philosophy and, to critics, established Barr as the president's protector.

Democrats have said they may issue a subpoena to try to force Mr Barr to testify before their committee. Nadler subpoenaed the entire document a day later. It did not establish the Trump campaign conspired with Russian operatives.

Democrats are also hoping to gauge public reaction on just how far they could milk the Mueller investigation before facing potential backlash in next year's elections.

Mueller did not conclude that President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice, but did not exonerate him either. "Now that he's in the middle of the aftermath of the Mueller investigation, he's obviously being pinned down to more specific answers to very specific questions, and that is obviously proving to be more problematic for him".

Pressure grows on Attorney General Barr over Mueller