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Main » Don Lemon accuses Trump and AG Barr of collusion following Mueller revelations

Don Lemon accuses Trump and AG Barr of collusion following Mueller revelations

02 May 2019

They must have been disappointed that Mueller did not conclude that President Trump committed obstruction of justice, and dismayed when Barr and Rod Rosenstein concluded that Trump did not commit this offense.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller asked Attorney General William Barr in late March to quickly release a fuller summary of his investigation, saying that Barr's initial letter summarizing the findings caused "public confusion" and risked undermining public confidence in the investigation.

In the month between the first Barr letter and the report's release, Barr sent multiple letters to Congress justifying his redaction process and reiterating that Trump did not obstruct justice or illegally coordinate with Russian Federation.

In his letter, Mueller asked Barr release the 448-page report's introductions and executive summaries, with some suggested redactions.

The Maryland politician accused Barr of "misleading the public" after it emerged Robert Mueller had voiced concerns over the Attorney General's handling of his report.

Graham said that the committee "might" review the email case and vowed to investigate the FBI's investigation. He repeatedly asserted his authority as attorney general to make the final determination about whether Trump obstructed justice.

"Attorney General Barr misled the public and owes the American people answers", House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, tweeted after the Mueller letter leaked on Tuesday. The special counsel's investigators had already written multiple summaries of the report, and some team members believe that Mr. Barr should have included more of their material in the four-page letter he wrote on March 24 laying out their main conclusions, according to government officials familiar with the investigation. There was also a subsequent 15-minute phone call where Mueller reportedly told Barr he "was concerned that news coverage of the obstruction investigation was misguided and creating public misunderstandings about the office's work".

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"The Deputy Attorney General and I knew that we had to make this assessment because, as I previously explained, the prosecutorial judgment whether a crime has been established is an integral part of the Department's criminal process", Barr said in his testimony. He said the report found no wrongdoing by Trump and framed the report on the premise that its findings were favorable to the President.

Democratic congressman Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has demanded that Mueller's letter to Barr be released. To the extent that the media portrayed Barr's memo as more than just an account of the special counsel's bottom line conclusions, Mueller has a right to be unhappy.

Mueller has written a letter that says Barr's summary of his Russian Federation report created "public confusion about critical aspects of the results". "This threatens to undermine a central goal for which the Department appointed the special counsel: to assure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigations", Mueller wrote, according to the Post.

These statements resurfaced Tuesday (April 30) following the revelation that Mueller had sent a letter to Barr two weeks earlier objecting to the attorney general's characterization of the probe.

Several Democrats, notably presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren, have called for Trump to be impeached for welcoming a hostile power's help and for allegedly obstructing the investigation after the election.

The top Republican on the House judiciary panel, Georgia Republican Doug Collins, sharply criticized the plan. This comes as Barr's appearance before the House Judiciary Committee remains in question as Barr might refuse to show.

Don Lemon accuses Trump and AG Barr of collusion following Mueller revelations