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A Cheaper Switch Will Launch In June

26 April 2019

Nintendo says popular Switch software included "Super Smash Bros". That 12.7% increase year-over-year, along with an 86.7% increase in software sales for the year, contributed to the company's annual operating profit of 249.7 billion yen.

Buried within a broader article about traders shorting Nintendo stock, Bloomberg has cited two sources saying that cheaper version of the Switch will be released by the end of June. But a more "modest upgrade" to the standard Switch hardware could be coming before the end of the year, according to Bloomberg's sources.

As April winds down, it's once again time for Nintendo to bring investors up-to-speed with another financial report, this time covering the entire 2018 Fiscal Year ending March 2019.

For the 3DS, 13.22 million software units were sold for the fiscal year, with Nintendo stating that it will continue to drive sales of "evergreen titles" that will "leverage the hardware install base".

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Expanding on a rumour they first published previous year, The Wall Street Journal now reports that Nintendo is planning on releasing two new models of the Switch, and both may be out in 2019.

Lifetime sales for Mario Kart 7 are now at 18.26 million units compared to last year's 17.04 million. A Nikkei report earlier this month suggests that those features would include better image rendering and usability changes, while the cheaper model would work with the existing Switch dock. "But we have no plans to announce that at this year's E3 in June", he added.

A next-gen Switch isn't in development, new sources close to the matter told Bloomberg.

A Cheaper Switch Will Launch In June