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Drivers give tips to stay safe when using Uber, Lyft

03 April 2019

They said while Josephson's case is concerning, it's not going to stop them from using it.

Nathaniel Rowland, 24, was charged with the murder and kidnapping of Samantha Josephson, 21, who was last seen outside of Five Points bar in Columbia, South Carolina early Friday morning, Columbia Police Chief William Holbrook said during a news conference on Saturday evening.

Josephson's mother, Marci Josephson, spoke of the family's anguish during a hearing in front of a judge Sunday saying the death had taken away a "piece of our heart, soul and life", according to The State. He is being held without bail and PEOPLE was unable to determine if he has retained a lawyer. Holbrook said tests later confirmed that the blood in the auto was Josephson's. Seymour Josephson said. "What we have learned is that you can not, men or women, you guys have to travel together", Seymour Josephson said at a vigil at USC for his daughter.

The New Jersey native was kidnapped and murdered after getting inside a vehicle she thought was her Uber. "I am always double checking".

Fix recommends customers try to memorize the four digits of their driver's plate number as soon as the app books them a ride. Kardian stressed that riders should confirm that the auto that pulls up matches the details given in the app. As you make plans for the weekend, remember the tenets of Stand Up Carolina: "look out for one another, be active bystanders", the president's statement continues. "They didn't confirm who they were so that person got a free ride on their money". "I know it can be confusing, especially if you don't know exactly what the vehicle is".

Uber Technologies Inc. launched a public awareness campaign in July 2017 regarding Uber scams and how riders can avoid getting into the wrong vehicle, suggesting that they check the app to make sure that the auto matches the one that they ordered.

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"If the information doesn't match up, do not get into the auto", an article on the company's website states. For example, Siren GPS and Noonlight can discreetly contact emergency officials, such as police or paramedics, with the touch of a button.

USC also asked students to pledge use caution when using ridesharing services by making sure any vehicles picking them up match the descriptions given in the services' app, and by asking for the drivers' names. The documents do not say what was used to attack her.

Uber and Lyft both have a list of their own safety tips on their respective websites. Avoid spending unnecessary time outside alone and distracted where someone could be watching you. "Instead, wait indoors until the app shows your driver has arrived".

Representatives of rental companies walked out of a hearing in Taipei Tuesday to protest against government measures created to regulate the activities of United States ride-hailing company Uber Technologies. She recommends being respectful to drivers so your own rating is good.

An eastern Iowa Uber driver admits rideshare companies aren't ideal. Lyft and Uber teams review feedback in order to provide the safest experience and take action if necessary on any reports that violate their guidelines.

Drivers give tips to stay safe when using Uber, Lyft