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Kevin McCarthy Is Not Behind Trump Administration's Latest Obamacare Move

28 March 2019

They can not let Republicans, who devoted such energy under President Barack Obama on harebrained investigations, now tell House Democrats that accountability is off the table for the next 20 months.

Sources tell Fox News that Republicans are anxious they would be blamed if the law is ruled unconstitutional, a decision that would create an immediate vacuum in the American health care system and toss millions of people off health care plans because of pre-existing conditions.

Once the full report is released, Napolitano said, Trump's opponents will have a "field day". But the bigger problem for Trump is this: The report and his inclination to give Putin wet kisses, instead of condemning Moscow's intervention in the USA election, was not what lost him voters, so there's no reason to believe that a warmed-over summary memo will help win them back.

"There has been enough speculation that people require to know the full truth". Trump is now claiming the GOP will be "the party of health care". "And I'm not going to base anything on the Barr report", said Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland.

President Donald Trump today shared video from Fox Business showing Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs praising each other's Russian Federation coverage after the conclusion of the Mueller report, as well as Dobbs congratulating Trump on withstanding the whole process.

In a filing with a federal appeals court, President Donald Trump's Justice Department said it agreed with the ruling of a federal judge in Texas that invalidated the Obama-era healthcare law.

Trump also supported publication of the Mueller report, rather than just the short summary released late Sunday with a declaration that no evidence emerged to support allegations of collusion between the president's 2016 election campaign and Russian Federation.

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At House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's own closed-door caucus meeting Tuesday, she urged rank-and-file Democrats to "be calm" and focus on the policy promises of health care, jobs and oversight of the administration that helped propel them to the House majority last fall. "The mood from the pundit class to friends of mine that work in the White House is over-the-moon ecstasy".

Democrats have been demanding the release of the special counsel's full report, as well as the evidence behind it.

Later in the show, Carlson reviewed the media's Trump-Russia coverage with The Federalist's Sean Davis, who wrote that it was an "absolute catastrophe".

Emboldened by the end of the investigation, Trump on Tuesday strode into a high-spirited gathering of Senate Republicans, flanked by party leaders, saying the attorney general's summary of Mueller's report "could not have been better". "It's totally hypocritical. I can't believe anything the president says any more". "It's hard to figure out", said Democratic Sen.

"We felt vindicated", added one senior House Republican about the end of the Mueller investigation.

In his December decision, U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor said the ACA had survived its first wave of challenges only because the Supreme Court determined in 2012 that the penalty imposed on those who did not sign up for coverage was a valid exercise of Congress' power to tax and spend.

Kevin McCarthy Is Not Behind Trump Administration's Latest Obamacare Move