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The House just voted to demand DOJ publicly release Mueller report

17 March 2019

Rumors have been flying for weeks about the end of Mueller's Specal Counsel investigation. Thus far, Barr has demurred on just what he will release to Congress and the public, reserving the right to keep some matters secret.

After the vote, the bill was then sent to the Senate, where Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., attempted to unanimously pass it on the floor. But both McConnell and the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, South Carolina Sen. But the House vote shows that lawmakers from both parties are eager to have a look at Mueller's findings after nearly two years of speculation about what it might reveal.

Gaetz said afterward that while he supported making the report public, he objected to other language in the resolution praising the special counsel, Robert Mueller, whose team he has repeatedly attacked as partisan.

Weissmann was also part of the team that prosecuted Manafort's business associate, Rick Gates, who pleaded guilty past year and agreed to co-operate, and that investigated unregistered foreign lobbying efforts in Washington.

The resolution is non-binding and can not compel the Justice Department to make the report public, but the 420-0 vote puts some pressure on newly-appointed Attorney General William Barr. Politico also reported his departure, citing one source familiar with the move.

The non-binding resolution, offered by House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler and several other Democratic chairs, passed 420-0 on Thursday.

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As it stands, Mueller is to present the report to Barr, who in turn will review the materials.

When the investigation concludes, Mueller is required by regulation to submit a confidential report to Attorney General William Barr. Those regulations require only that the report explain the decisions to pursue or to decline prosecutions, which could be as simple as a bullet point list or as fulsome as a report running hundreds of pages.

If Barr both denies lawmakers' request to publicize the report and resists any subsequent subpoenas, that could set up a drawn-out court fight between Congress and the executive branch over the document's disclosure.

Unless Weissmann is leaving for unspecified personal reasons, his departure signals Mueller has likely completed all of the inquiry's major investigative steps, although there could still be additional indictments, said Barbara McQuade, a former senior federal prosecutor in MI.

The top Republican on the House Judiciary panel, Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, voted for the resolution but said it was unnecessary. "We have no reason to think Attorney General Barr would back away from those statements", Collins said. Seven lawmakers - four Democrats and three Republicans - did not vote. "The American people need to know as much as they can and see as much as they can".

The House just voted to demand DOJ publicly release Mueller report