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Swedish teen Greta inspiring a real climate for change

16 March 2019

She said Rosa Parks showed that the actions of just one person can spark enormous change.

Schoolchildren in Cambridge have set up an eco-council to work together to learn about, and find solutions to, the climate and ecological crisis.

Thousands of students have walked out of class in Sydney and Melbourne as part of a nation-wide strike over inaction on climate change.

The protests are part of a movement inspired by Greta Thunberg, a 15-year-old Swedish schoolgirl who has been missing lessons to sit outside government offices in her country in a bid to persuade lawmakers to comply with the Paris climate agreement.

Josie Law, also 14, from Edinburgh's Broughton High School, believes the protests are an effective way to make society heed the upcoming generation's concerns.

Adults should listen to us because we are saying something that they have probably known about for a long time.

Greta Thunberg, in August a year ago, became the face of a "school strike" outside the Swedish parliament building.

His friend Theo Parker-Banks, who also attends Langton Boys, said: "I think that the real problem is that young people aren't taken seriously by older politicians, and they're the people that we need to introduce changes".

That conversation is likely to get louder, with several US presidential hopefuls planning to campaign on climate change.

Trump's 2020 budget request to seek $8.6 billion for border wall
Mick Mulvaney, Trump's budget director and acting chief of staff, has previously slammed the OCO as a "slush fund". The budget projects trillion-dollar deficits until 2022. "They have little-to-no say in the courses they take".

Nelson College for Girls head student and strike coordinator Josephine Ripley said this generation would "inherit effect of inaction. and we are scared".

"I don't think any student is going to miss out on their career because they missed a few hours of school today", he said.

Volker Quaschning, a professor of engineering at Berlin's University of Applied Sciences, said it was easy for politicians to belittle students. And gosh do they have some import stuff they want to say.

Quaschning, one of more than 23,000 German-speaking scientists to sign a letter of support this week, said Germany should stop using all fossil fuels by 2040.

A group of year 12 students from Nelson College for Girls said their parents and their principal supported their choice to "strike" from school.

"People always tell us that they are so hopeful, they are hopeful that the young people are going to save the world".

"We're protesting again because the reaction last time was not what we were looking for".

In Hong Kong, activists dressed up as polar bears and sharks to highlight the damage done to the environment by climate change. "I want fresh air that won´t harm my lungs and clean water to drink so that I don´t keep falling sick".

In Stockholm, Thunberg predicted that students won't let up their climate protests. And why should I be studying for a future that will soon be no more, when no one is doing anything whatsoever to save the future.

Swedish teen Greta inspiring a real climate for change