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Trump orders Boeing 737 Max fleet grounded in US

15 March 2019

Airlines that serve Logan Airport are responding to the FAA's emergency order to ground Boeing 737 Max aircraft following Sunday's deadly Ethiopia Airlines crash in Addis Ababa.

"Boeing is an incredible company they are working very very hard right now, and hopefully they'll very quickly come up with the answer, but until they do the planes are grounded".

It said the ban was a "precautionary measure" and that the GCAA would monitor and reassess the situation as more information on the latest incident was obtained.

The Boeing 737 Max 8 was involved in a fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash this past weekend, which killed all 157 people on board.

As several countries move to ground the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Thursday clarified that no Pakistani airline was now using the specific model.

The crash involving a Boeing 737 MAX in Indonesia killed 189 people.

During time of rapid growth, sorrow for Ethiopian Airlines
The new variant of the world's most-sold modern passenger aircraft was viewed as the likely workhorse for airlines for decades. Trump said the decision to ground the aircraft "didn't have to be made, but we thought it was the right decision".

The president said that the US worked in conjunction with Canada to make the decision to ground the planes.

Sarah Kolell is a frequent flyer and believes any delays passengers experience are worth the peace of mind knowing they are safe. "If there is enough evidence of a potential harm, and in this case I think there is evidence of potential harm, then the prudent thing is to ground those aircraft".

Despite Boeing's assurances in the wake of the disaster, the European Union, Britain and India joined China and other countries grounding the plane or banning it from their airspace as they await the results of the crash investigation. He said that both pilots and airlines have been notified.

"We do have the MAX 8 that flies in occasionally, probably six or seven times a week", Will Rogers Airport spokesperson Karen Carney said, "but we also have about 400 flights a week, so it's not a big number".

An American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 flight from Los Angeles approaches for landing at Reagan National Airport shortly after an announcement was made the planes were being grounded by the U.S. in Washington March 13, 2019. Sunwing Airlines operates four of the jets and grounded them yesterday for commercial reasons.

A MAX 8 flight from Los Angeles into St. Louis-Lambert International Airport was in mid-flight when the announcement was made.

Trump orders Boeing 737 Max fleet grounded in US