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Trump adviser says no deal doesn't mean summit was a failure

05 March 2019

The proposal for the talks came during a National Security Council meeting on Monday led by South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who said it was Seoul's "outmost priority" to prevent nuclear negotiations between the US and North Korea from derailing.

The canceled drills are triggering debate in Seoul as Kim Jong Un returns to Pyongyang.

"He went from that isolation -saw no light of day outside of the borders of North Korea- to now this global player, certainly in the region and that gave him stature for him to walk in and do what he did in those hearings", Rogers said.

A day after the summit, he said in a speech that South Korea will negotiate with the US on ways to restart the frozen joint projects north of the border - a mountain resort and a factory park where South Korean firms used North Korean labor to produce goods. Trump said they could have held it a few days later and had more time to prepare.

At the meeting, South Korea's Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said the proposed talks, which could include civilian experts from the US and South Korea, would help settle differences over how much sanctions relief Washington should provide to North Korea in exchange for nuclear disarmament steps.

"I ask that we find out the exact gap between the two sides that led to a no-deal at the Hanoi summit and explore ways to narrow down that gap", Moon said.

The group sent out a prayer alert last week amid the Trump-Kim summit and the reports of growing Christian persecution within the country and at the border with China.

"It shows that US-North Korea dialogue has entered the stage of mutual and comprehensive discussion that deals with the North's practical denuclearization steps along with corresponding measures from the US".

"He's not desperate for a deal - not with North Korea, not with anybody if it's contrary to American national interests", Bolton told Fox News Sunday.

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"I am not the national security decision-maker", Mr Bolton added later.

Open Doors USA told Fox News Christian persecution is worsening in North Korea, according to their sources on the ground.

As for Bolton, he flat-out refused to give an opinion on the matter that didn't align with the president. Kim will be able to portray himself to his people and supporters as the charismatic head of a nuclear-armed power, not an worldwide pariah that starves its citizens so it can build weapons.

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, summarized the summit as a "spectacular failure" made all the worse by Trump's comments on "murder of an American citizen, Otto Warmbier".

And Bolton said Trump has "turned traditional diplomacy on its head, and after all in the case of North Korea, why not?"

"It was the sanctions that brought the North Koreans to the table".

Also Sunday, Trump says the reason he canceled large-scale springtime military drills with South Korea is to save "hundreds of millions of dollars" for which the never reimbursed.

"I give my advice to the president", he later added.

Trump adviser says no deal doesn't mean summit was a failure