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Google Assistant Gets Dedicated Button, Voice Typing in KaiOS & Messages Integration

27 February 2019

The most important of these, Assistant's integration in chats, was inevitably going to make the jump, and today Google confirmed that the feature will go live in Messages over the coming months for English users. This update will bring the integration of Google Assistant in various conversations, a feature inherited from the now dying Allo. You can also send more information by pressing on the Home button and asking Assistant to send specific results to your friend via Messages. Google says this all happens on-device too, instead of in the cloud.

This contextual popup can appear both when a user mentions something that triggers it and manually from the "Plus" icon on the Messages chat interface.

Google also announced that it will support seven new Indic languages and enhance its support for people who speak multiple languages.

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Google has also worked with Qualcomm and Mediatek among others to support Android's Neural Network tools for faster, smarter and smoother mobile apps. Assistant buttons, when clicked, trigger an information card that gets inserted into the thread upon the sender's choosing- how it'll look on the other end is not certain. This came on the heels of Google also announcing more passwordless security courtesy of FIDO Alliance becoming available to more app developers. According to Google, the feature allows users to translate speech to text in a "natural and convenient way". Google will be harnessing the AI power of your device to bring up suggestion chips inside Messages, which will be similar in appearance to Smart Replies.

Android phones aren't the only devices Assistant is expanding on. The content of your conversation isn't sent to Google's servers unless you tap on the suggestions.

When you press it as soon as, you'll get the Assistant activated and prepared on your questions or instructions, if you happen to faucet it twice, you'll soar into a brand new visible snapshot that reveals your info based mostly on time of day, location, and up to date interactions. Users will be able to dictate text messages, web searches or anything else that has a text field.

Google Assistant Gets Dedicated Button, Voice Typing in KaiOS & Messages Integration