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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs S9 Plus - Benchmark and specs

20 January 2019

Other reports have claimed Samsung is only making one million units of the Galaxy Fold and the price is estimated somewhere around $1,800. The design matches what we've seen in rumors: an all-screen phone with an elliptical hole cut out for dual front-facing cameras. That's a minus for users who would not be able to protect their S10 devices from scratches, although Samsung said that the S10's display is already protected. It took me about a minute to ruin my iPhone X, and all I had to do was to place the phone in a protective case and slap a screen protector on it.

However, there is a cheaper Galaxy S10 Lite with a 5.8-inch FLAT screen coming too, which some buyers may be interested in. You do get a free thermos mug and a mini tripod for free as well! While we do not know the display size yet, considering this is an entry-level device, there is good chance that we might see Samsung use an IPS LCD panel on this device instead of an AMOLED panel.

The leak then reveals that the Samsung Galaxy M10 will launch running on Android 8.1 Oreo and not Android 9 Pie, which could disappoint some Samsung lovers. The certification also means the launch is just around the corner. Now out of these nine, it is being reported that at least 3 will have the in-display fingerprint feature.

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has just leaked online in a benchmarking test which has shown off just how powerful its Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU really is - Huawei and Apple should definitely be anxious.

Of course, the Galaxy S10 is also expected to offer wireless charging, as well as a little extra, though no confirmation in this regard has been offered. It also comes with 128GB of internal storage, which is expandable up to 512GB via the on-board microSD card slot.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs S9 Plus - Benchmark and specs