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Shutdown showdown: Pelosi says 'no', Trump says 'bye-bye'

10 January 2019

My fellow Americans, we address you tonight for one reason only: the President of the United States - having failed to get Mexico to pay for his ineffective, unnecessary border wall, and unable to convince the Congress or the American people to foot the bill - has shut down the government. Across the seven nets and down 4 from the opposition, the "temper tantrum" accused POTUS pulled in a 28.1/45 rating in the overnight metrics in the 9 - 9:15 PM ET time period. He said Schumer and Pelosi's support for border security but not a wall was "juvenile. very disingenuous".

Donald Jr's post instantly triggered the anti-Trump masses on Twitter.

Trump's remarks came 18 days into a partial government shutdown precipitated by his demand for the wall, which he has said is needed to keep out illegal immigrants and drugs.

Pressure will ramp up in the coming days as numerous 800,000 federal workers impacted miss out on a pay cheque for the first time since the shutdown begun.

Pelosi and Schumer say in the statement that Trump has "the power to stop hurting the country" by ending the shutdown. "It's cold out here, and the temperature was not much warmer in the Situation Room", where leaders of both parties met with Trump and other administration officials, said Pelosi.

Without a resolution, the closure of several government operations could soon pose a threat to the delivery of food stamps and tax refunds for millions of Americans.

In the past, Trump's talks to the nation have been carefully scrutinized for false information. Even if they were get it, which the Democrats say they won't, it would not be keeping a promise. "I'd like to see that".

How to watch Trump's border wall speech and Pelosi-Schumer rebuttal on
People respond to addresses by Trump, Pelosi and Schumer over border wall battle

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, disputed Schumer and Pelosi's version of events, saying that Trump offered everyone candy and turned the floor over to the two Democrats, whom he said offered nothing.

"This really isn't about the substance anymore". 'What are we going to build? "This is a completely contrived and phony crisis as far as I am concerned because we solve problems like this everyday, working out and negotiating outcomes". With Trump and the Democrats holding their ground, there's no telling when it'll end.

Cornyn added that there are "discussions" behind the scenes about a compromise.

Sen. Dick Durbin, the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate, later told reporters that Trump said "I don't know why I'm doing this".

Trump has been discussing the idea of declaring a national emergency to allow him to move forward with the wall without getting congressional approval for the $5.7 billion he's requested. There was no attempt to work with us.

Democrats also argue that a mix of fencing, which already has been constructed in many parts of the border, and higher-tech tools would be cheaper and more effective in securing the border. Fifty-one per cent of adults surveyed between Jan 1 and Monday said Mr Trump "deserves most of the blame" for the shutdown, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday.

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Shutdown showdown: Pelosi says 'no', Trump says 'bye-bye'