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Jeremy Corbyn Mouths 'Stupid Woman' to PM May in Parliament

21 December 2018

As lawmakers shouted at each other across the debating chamber, Commons Speaker John Bercow said he had not seen or heard the alleged incident and could not rule on it.

He said that Mr Corbyn would be willing to repeat his denial in the Commons chamber.

If it had been a Conservative lawmaker who had said the same he would have reprimanded them, while he hadn't condemned Corbyn, she said.

Ms Abbott told the programme: "Tory MPs put on a display yesterday that Hackney primary school children would have been ashamed of".

Updating Parliament three hours later, Bercow said he could see why people thought Corbyn had used the words "stupid woman", but it was impossible to be certain.

Corbyn appeared to mutter the words after he sat down following an exchange with May at the weekly Prime Minister's Questions session during which she mocked him for not calling a vote of confidence in the government.

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Britain's main opposition leader sparked a political furor and faced calls to apologize Wednesday after he was accused of calling Prime Minister Theresa May a "stupid woman" in the House of Commons.

"I said what they were was stupid people for their behaviour", he added.

She added: "I would appeal to Jeremy Corbyn over the Christmas break to reflect, yes on the views of his own party and many of his MPs, and above all else in the interests of people the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and come back in the new year supporting an European Union referendum so that people across the United Kingdom can get the opportunity at long last to reverse Brexit and find a way out of this sorry mess". I think it's a row about nothing. "If a member has failed to do so that member has a duty to apologise", he said.

He claimed that some Labour "advocates" were seeking to deny Jeremy Corbyn an election victory with the toxic internal debate about the issue.

'To me it was contrived, staged behaviour and the British people might wonder why the Tories will stage a mini-riot in Parliament over that but are not staging a mini-riot over the tens of thousands of people who are newly on Universal Credit and are facing Christmas with no money'.

She told Today that Mr Corbyn was an honest man and "if he has something to say sorry for he will always say sorry".

Jeremy Corbyn Mouths 'Stupid Woman' to PM May in Parliament