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Ex-NASA Engineer Creates Stinky Glitter Bomb For Package Thieves

19 December 2018

Mark Rober spent six months designing a "bomb" that would activate when the package containing it was stolen, firing glitter and fart-smelling spray on the thief.

He made a decision to take action after the police said they were unable to investigate the case.

Have you ever had a package stolen from the front porch?

A new viral video shows a NASA engineer making a trapped package to combat porch pirates, and it's probably one of the best videos you'll see all day. The device also takes cellphone video of the culprits, uploads the footage to the cloud and can be tracked by Global Positioning System.

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The bomb is harmless unless you consider fart spray and copious amounts of glitter to be harmful. A Global Positioning System tracker in the phones would let him know where a package ultimately ended up.

The device, which was stolen on several occasions, managed to record the thieves using the smartphones' cameras and microphones. Rober continues, "I just wanted to record their reaction, and that's what makes the engineering here an order of magnitude more hard ... it's not like you can just hit record camera and put it in the box because you're going to run out of battery ..."

The box is complete with a return address for Kevin McCallister, the Home Alone boy played by Macaulay Culkin who left a series of traps to thwart would be burgles, Harry and Marv. The phones are housed in a container that doesn't immediately reveal what they are and, as a lovely cherry on top, there's a fart spray that gets deployed five times every thirty seconds. Rober concludes, "So the moral of the story is, just don't take other people's stuff".

The package is created to look as real as possible, but a close inspection of the label reveals a subtle pop culture reference (and the inspiration behind Rober's prank).

Ex-NASA Engineer Creates Stinky Glitter Bomb For Package Thieves