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Paris police fire tear gas on protesters

13 December 2018

Some stores along the Champs-Elysee had boarded up their windows with plywood, making the neighborhood appear like it was bracing for a hurricane.

The next protests take place the following Saturday, Nov 24. "Protests and riots all over France".

For the fourth weekend in a row, protesters gathered along the iconic Champs-Elysees boulevard, with some hurling projectiles at police who responded with tear gas, water cannons and stun grenades. "Every week they prepare, so every week you have more and more people who want to break".

A man walks past a damaged shop near Saint-Lazare railway station in Paris on Sunday.

While scattered scuffles broke out on Saturday around central Paris, the action seemed less violent overall at noon than at the same time a week ago, when crowds defaced the Arc de Triomphe, one of the city's most revered monuments, and rampaged in the surrounding high-end neighbourhood.

Hundreds of police officers were mobilized in Brussels on Saturday, where yellow vest protesters last week clashed with police and torched two police vehicles.

Police posted a video on Twitter of officers tackling a protester and confiscating his risky material, which appeared to be primarily a tennis racket.

It shows a woman, Ms Jacline Mouraud, addressing French President Emmanuel Macron - "Monsieur Macron", she says - from her living room.

Most of the protesters remain peaceful, and there are no signs so far of the rioting and looting that marked a similar protest last Saturday and prompted fears of greater violence this week.

Authorities deployed barricade-busting armored vehicles and 8,000 police in the capital alone; nationwide, some 89,000 security forces fanned out to deter or confront troublemakers expected at multiple protests.

In Capitol, Bush remembered as 'great man' and 'gentle soul'
Many banks and other businesses also will shut down, and government buildings are flying flags at half-staff until December 30. Bush will feature music from some of the former president's favorite country music stars.

"The troublemakers can only be effective when they disguise themselves as yellow vests".

The Élysée Palace has now said Macron will speak to the French on Monday night.

"We are here to tell (Macron) our discontent", said protester Myriam Diaz.

"I am telling Donald Trump ..."

Since becoming president in January 2017, he has pulled the United States out of the worldwide Paris Agreement on attempting to bring down global temperatures, and torn up a raft of environmental protection laws, saying the U.S. economy needs the boost.

He said he earns 1,430 euros (£1,280) a month despite working 45 hours a week and has decided not to have children because doesn't feel he can earn enough to raise them.

"According to the information we have, some radicalized and rebellious people will try to get mobilized tomorrow", Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told a news conference Friday. "Yellow vests" representatives announce they will not go to a meeting with Mr Philippe planned the following day - later cancelled - as some say they have received death threats.

Le Drian said on LCI television: "The yellow vest demonstration was not protesting in English, as far as I know".

As many as four people have lost their lives since the unrest began after the government revised upward the diesel taxes on November 17.

In France, authorities have also launched an investigation into social media activity from accounts allegedly drumming up support for the protests, sources told AFP.

Paris police fire tear gas on protesters