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2018's Highest Paid YouTubers Have Been Revealed And There Are Some Surprises

05 December 2018

Ryan, who publishes videos most days with his mum, dad and twin sisters under the name Ryan ToysReview, is estimated to have earned £17 million ($22m) in the previous year.

Ryan, the face of YouTube's Ryan ToysReview, is giving the adults life goals by making $22 million in revenue past year through its videos posted on the largest video platform.

The channel was started back in the year 2015 and the most prolific video that threw Ryan into stardom was one of Ryan reviewing over 100 toys in from the Pixar movie Cars. After looking at data and talking with industry experts, Forbes estimates that from June 1, 2017, to June 1, 2018, Ryan earned $22 million.

Earlier this year, Ryan launched his own toy line at Wallmart.

With a new video every day, the little fella unboxes and reviews children's toys and products, and sometimes just has fun with family members. Second on the earnings list, pulling in around $21.5 million, was 21-year-old Jake Paul, who posts raps and jokes.

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Forbes measured pre-tax earnings from June 1, 2017 to June 1, 2018, without deducting fees for agents, managers and lawyers.

The school child has out-earned some of YouTube's biggest names, including Jake Paul, PewDiePie and Logan Paul.

Asked why kids liked watching his videos, Ryan replied: "Because I'm entertaining and I'm amusing". The remaining $1 million comes from sponsored posts. The YouTube channel was launched in March 2015 and caters to the kids around the world by attracting hundreds and thousands of views on each video.

Ryan also has his own line of toys available in Walmart and Target.

As a minor, 15 per cent of his earnings are funnelled to what's called a Coogan account. Thanks to sponsorships and paid posts, these social media stars can earn as much as a CEO of an worldwide company. Makeup artist Jeffree Star, who earned $18 million over the one-year period analyzed, was fifth on the list. But it turns out doing kind-of dumb but impressive tricks is still a viable way to make money, with five-man sports crew Dude Perfect coming in at #3 with United States $20 million ($27,315,100).

2018's Highest Paid YouTubers Have Been Revealed And There Are Some Surprises