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CIS: Coming caravan both good and bad for Trump

02 November 2018

We have about 5,000, eight [thousand], we'll go up to anywhere between ten and 15,000 military personnel on top of Border Patrol, ICE, and everybody else at the border, ' Trump said.

He again claimed the group of mostly impoverished Central Americans slowly moving toward the "a unsafe group of people".

The US will adopt harsh, Israeli-style tactics and will treat migrants at the Mexican border as armed and unsafe invaders if they throw rocks at US law enforcement, Donald Trump has stressed amid a mass military deployment.

Trump has sought to put immigration front and center ahead of next week´s hotly-contested vote, ordering thousands of troops to the southern border and threatening to end automatic citizenship for US-born children of immigrants.

USA Today reported the troops can transport border agents to locations as needed, build temporary structures, set up wire barriers, and provide medical services for military personnel and migrants.

Trump has suggested via Twitter that the caravan contains "criminals and unknown Middle Easterners".

While there are undoubtedly electoral considerations behind the Trump administration's moves, the tripling or quadrupling of troop presence on American soil is a further milestone in the attack on democratic rights and the savage war on immigrants.

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"Get off! Get off!" police officer Benjamin Grajeda shouted to a group of migrants clinging to the side of a truck outside Juchitan.

The president was also critical of Mexico, declaring that Mexican soldiers "were unable, or unwilling to stop" the migrants.

After denying that his heated rhetoric over immigration is fear mongering before voters head to the polls to ABC News' Mary Bruce, the president tweeted a controversial and racially- charged video produced by the White House depicting some illegal immigrants as murderers.

Another caravan of up to 2,000 people is on its way from Tapachula to Huixtla in Mexico's Chiapas state, which borders Guatemala. As a result, it's tricky to glean a completely accurate vision of US troop deployments worldwide - which is fine, for obvious OPSEC reasons! Similarly, a Florida man arrested last week on charges of mailing homemade bombs to more than a dozen Trump opponents was an ardent supporter of the president. -Mexican border in response to the still far-off caravans - roughly double the number the Pentagon said it now plans for a mission whose dimensions are shifting daily. His claims of the makeup of migrants within the caravan are unsubstantiated. The French news agency reports the group was in the Mexican town of Tapachula, about 1,850 kilometers from McAllen, on Tuesday. In addition to the two mentioned above from Honduras, two others, much smaller caravans of about 400 people each, started in El Salvador; one crossed into Mexico legally on Tuesday.

The president announced on Wednesday that he was considering deploying up to 15,000 troops to the U.S.

Trump did not say how many of those 15,000 would be National Guard. "And the federal court said 'No, this is absurd.' What you're trying to do is deter future asylum seekers by detaining these asylum seekers and promising they would be rapidly deported to their home countries".

CIS: Coming caravan both good and bad for Trump