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Floresville resident claims $5 million Mega Millions prize

25 October 2018

With the grand prize climbing to $1.6 billion, the drawing tonight is now the largest jackpot in US lottery history. Their first decision is whether to take the cash option, which would be $904 million, or an annuity, with one initial payment and annual installments over 29 years.

A Mega Millions victor hasn't been crowned since July 24.

On Oct. 9, a nine-member office pool from Kaiser Permanente walked away with a $1 million lower-tier Mega Millions prize by matching five of the six numbers.

Watch the Mega Millions drawing live Tuesday night on NewsCenter 16 at 11.

The Mega Millions lottery game is played in 44 states and several US territories. "I'd be more surprised if it doesn't get hit".

Players had a roughly one in 302.5 million chance of taking home the $1.6 billion pot.

It's hard to overstate how fast lottery tickets fly out of the mini marts when the top prizes get so large.

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Subscription lottery purchases - where you can set how many games you play over a set time frame - work similarly to individual Mega Millions ticket sales, though there are minimum deposits and time commitments required with subscriptions.

About 280 million tickets were sold for the October 19 drawing.

Because no Mega Millions winners emerged, the next scheduled drawing on Tuesday was projected to be worth a record $1.6 billion. People who don't usually buy lottery tickets will come in and buy one for a high jackpot, and the people who regularly play the lottery will buy several more tickets than usual, she said. If it seems like these astronomical numbers are happening more frequently, it's because they are.

The record-breaking jackpot expected for the next Mega Millions drawing was at $1.6 billion by Monday afternoon.

Two tickets matched four white balls and the Mega Ball, winning a base prize of $10,000. The game also has changed over the years, so some numbers included weren't always in the mix.

In California, $267 million has been collected in Mega Millions sales over the past 25 rolls.

Still, there are some quirks, as Georgia has the eight-largest population and three winners and Washington state has two winners but only the 13th largest population. And let's hear it for Rhode Island, the smallest population state to have won a Mega Millions jackpot in the past five years.

Floresville resident claims $5 million Mega Millions prize