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People's Vote march: Eastbourne councillor joins 700000 in London Brexit protest

24 October 2018

However, other remain campaigners question whether it would be possible to win over more than two dozen Tories, and argue that it would be better to focus on winning the support of Labour MPs in leave-voting areas, such as Gareth Snell and Ruth Smeeth, who represent constituencies in Stoke-on-Trent.

A hundred thousand postcards were distributed as part of a campaign - #Writethiswrong - urging people to send a message to their MP in support of a second referendum.

"In a comment piece written for The Sun, Mrs May said: "'How are YOU doing Prime Minister?' one journalist asked me recently.

The People's Vote March was organized by groups supporting remaining in the European Union, among them are Open Britain, Wales for Europe, and Britain for Europe.

The Metropolitan Police said it was not able to estimate the size of the crowd, which filled London's Parliament Square to demand that the British government holds a public vote on the terms of Brexit, according to the BBC.

Prime Minister Theresa May has firmly rejected the prospect of a second Brexit vote.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan also addressed the crowd, while dozens of celebrities posted snaps of themselves on the protest on social media.

The march was led by a group of young voters calling for a second referendum, along with the youth-led campaign group Our Future, Our Choice.

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The MP for Totnes, South Devon, said: "Let people weigh up the pros and cons of the actual deal or no deal that we're heading for and then they can give their informed consent, and for me that's the key principle here". Titled Maidenhead And Me, the exhibition featured work by locals with different perspectives of the town.

May has repeatedly ruled out holding a second referendum, saying members of parliament will get to vote on whether to accept any final deal.

Actor Andy Serkis is marching alongside thousands in central London, with his 14-year-old son Louis and wife Lorraine Ashbourne.

Theresa May has insisted she is not pursuing Brexit in the interests of her career and is focusing exclusively on what is best for British voters.

David Mitchell, chairman of the Enfield Liberal Democrat group, said the group of protesters at Saturday's march is twice as many than at the march in June. European Union said: "The idea that you should have a second referendum would be incredibly damaging, most of all to the trust in democracy from people up and down this country".

To clarify - the People's Vote is not a re-run of the Referendum.

According to the rules of the E.U., once a member state has officially declared that it is leaving, it must complete that withdrawal within two years, which means that the United Kingdom has until March 29 to actually leave the E.U. The, more than anything else, a trade partnership which means that any nation outside the E.U. will face tariffs that member states don't have to pay.

People's Vote march: Eastbourne councillor joins 700000 in London Brexit protest