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Melania Trump says Kavanaugh is "highly qualified" for the Supreme Court

09 October 2018

Mrs Trump said Kavanaugh was "highly qualified for the Supreme Court" and was glad that both Ford and Kavanaugh had been given their say in front of the Senate.

Her outfits stole the show before her admission, that she doesn't always back her husband Donald Trump and his views, caused surprise around the world.

First, the 48-year-old faced criticism for her decision to wear a white "pith" helmet on safari in Kenya. He listened sometimes, and sometimes did not, she said.

At the end of her solo trip to Africa, Melania Trump spoke to reporters in Egypt about numerous topics outside of her fashion choices.

Pith helmets were originally worn by European explorers to cope with warmer climates, and soon became a key part of commanding officers' uniforms, as they led local troops.

Her trip through four African nations-Ghana, Malawi, Egypt, and Kenya-has featured her doing numerous things you would expect of someone going on a stereotypical vacation through the Motherland, including going on a safari and visiting the Sphinx.

In the United States as on the global scene, the First Lady has so far kept away from the action of her husband.

"I have my own voice and my opinions", she said, "and it's very important to me that I express how I feel".

Federal Bureau of Investigation sought interview with Brett Kavanaugh accuser Friday night
It would be a risky precedent to deny Kavanaugh's appointment because of an unsubstantiated and unprovable allegation. Per CNN , the US Senate will hold a procedural vote to advance Kavanaugh's confirmation on Saturday.

While in Kenya, visiting the Sheldrick Wildlife Elephant Project overnight, Mrs Trump wore a white button-down shirt, khaki trousers, knee-high brown leather boots and...a pith helmet.

The first lady wore a white pith helmet on her tour of Africa that many thought was an offensive symbol of colonialism.

First lady Melania Trump wants people to stop talking so much about her fashion choices.

Trump flew to Cairo from Nairobi earlier on Saturday on the last stage of her visit to Africa.

In rare comments to the press, Trump said her trip - which also took in Ghana, Malawi and Kenya - was created to "show the world that we care".

She replied with a laugh and said "yes". One or two people who appeared to be Secret Service agents quickly used their hands to support her, but she soon went back to petting the elephants. It was at Greater Accra Regional Hospital that she plucked a chubby baby boy from the arms of the woman holding him.

She was accompanied by Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Khaled Anani and Egyptian Minister of Tourism Rania al-Mashat. "It's a lovely thing to see", he tweeted.

Melania Trump says Kavanaugh is