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National Test of EAS and Wireless Emergency Alert Held Today

05 October 2018

A second alert on television broadcast and radio will go off at 2:20 p.m. EDT. But FEMA officials said the administration can only send these alerts for emergencies affecting the whole country or if the public was in danger, according to Bloomberg. "No action is needed", the message read. It is expected that at least 95 percent of Americans will receive the following text: "THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System".

The test was originally scheduled for September 30th, but was delayed due to Hurricane Florence.

Though the Presidential alert system was established in 2006, this is its first nationwide test.

Get set for a "presidential alert" as FEMA tests a national emergency notification system.

Presidential Alerts are similar to Amber or other emergency alerts on your phone - you hear a loud noise comes along with vibration. This is the first national WEA test.

Instead, FEMA officials confer with other government agencies and the White House, select one of several pre-written messages, customize the message to fit the particular emergency and send it out. Simply put, they can't choose to not receive an alert from President Trump. The phone has to be on and within range of an active cell tower during the test, and the alert won't interrupt phone calls or appear on phones with an active data session in the background.

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Did your phone alert you of a unusual message this afternoon?

A subsequent investigation by the Federal Communications Commission found that the staffer responsible for the message had thought an attack was truly underway, having misinterpreted a drill.

A FEMA lawyer said via a phone connection to the courtroom that decisions about alerts are at the discretion of the president, just as are many other decisions involving national security.

The Southern District of NY court docket indicates summons were issued to Trump and FEMA Director William "Brock" Long on September 26. They say the system is essentially hijacking private property to create a government-controlled loudspeaker "in the home and on the person of every American". "People are gonna empty their bowels after getting Wednesday's "Presidential Alert" test text", wrote filmmaker Todd Vaziri.

"Oh my. A "Presidential Alert" emergency. But if it's used for good, I have no issues", student Sashwat Patra said.

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National Test of EAS and Wireless Emergency Alert Held Today