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I Know You’re Not Thinking, You Never Do

05 October 2018

President Donald Trump insulted a female reporter's intelligence during a press conference in the White House Rose Garden on Monday, claiming that she was in a "state of shock" because he called on her to ask a question.

The US president called on ABC News' Cecilia Vega to ask a question. She asked him about reports that the White House is limiting the scope of the FBI's investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, to which he replied, "What does that have to do with trade?"

The transcript issued hours later omitted Vega's word "thinking" and showed Trump saying, 'I know you're not thanking'. He said he'd be fine answering the question but wanted to focus on trade first, even though that is 100% not how news conferences work. He returned to Vega later for a Kavanaugh question.

The Trump administration scored a sizable victory in the new trade deal between the United States, Canada, and Mexico effectively updating the NAFTA agreement that Trump deemed a "disaster" coming into his presidency. Collins was also asking a question about Kavanaugh's sexual assault allegations. "You never do", Trump responded.

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"I'm not", Vega said, rising from her seat. "I'm sorry?" But the president barged ahead without clarifying what he meant. While Vega was reaching for her microphone, Trump took a few shots at her.

Trump waved his finger at CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, yelling, "Don't do that!" He opened the question-and-answer session by inexplicably deriding a female reporter. Do you have a question on trade?

"I'm not a drinker, I can honestly say I've never had a beer in my life", Trump said. When Trump wants to attack women, he often resorts to stereotypes, reducing women to their looks or their intellect (or supposed lack of it) in many instances. "It's unfair to him at this point". "Somewhat compromising. And you know, I think it's very unfair to bring up things like this". Can you imagine if I had, what a mess I'd be?

I Know You’re Not Thinking, You Never Do