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How the Umpire's Male Ego Ruined the US Open Women's Final

10 September 2018

The 23-time Grand Slam champ didn't elaborate on the previous incidents, but in 2009 she was docked a point after she was deemed verbally abusive to a lineswoman. The confrontation continued as an audibly upset Williams approached the umpire chair and demanded an apology from Ramos, while adamantly saying that she did not cheat and receive coaching. "I just wanted to say thank you for watching the match", she said.

"You owe me an apology", she told him.

"I have never cheated in my life!" Right here I'm preventing for ladies's rights and equality of men and women in all spheres.

After Ramos warned Williams about receiving coaching from her team in the stands, the 23-time Grand Slam victor defiantly told the umpire that she doesn't cheat and "would rather lose". Coaching on every point should be allowed in tennis.

Serena Williams cried sexism after an extraordinary meltdown during her US Open final defeat by Naomi Osaka.

After a 2016 match in Paris, Venus Williams said: "I'm 36 years old".

She then addressed Williams directly: "I'm really glad I was able to play with you". "When a man does the same, he's 'outspoken" and there are no repercussions".

Williams thought Ramos was harsher with her than umpires have been with a male player. "More voices are needed to do the same", King tweeted. What was supposed to be a fairy-tale matchup for Osaka and the player she idolizes, spun out of control after Williams was handed code violations that she described as unfair.

Saturday's match between Williams and Naomi Osaka in New York's Arthur Ashe Stadium was marred by controversy in the second set after umpire Carlos Ramos penalized Williams a point and then an entire game. "Not at all. He's always been a great umpire", she said. There is disparity between the ATP men's tour and WTA women's tour; between Grand Slam tournaments and lower-level events; and even among the Slams themselves. "I think that's the lesson we can all learn from this". I want to clarify myself what he's talking about. "Let's make this the best moment we can, let's give credit where credit is due and no more booing".

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Like her previous two matches, Williams got off to a slow start.

Soon, Osaka was finishing off a 6-2, 6-4 victory that made her the first player from Japan to win a Grand Slam singles title.

Williams received an initial code violation for coaching, a penalty point for racket abuse and a game penalty for calling umpire Ramos a "thief".

They both played superb tennis throughout the US Open.

There was also the inevitable comparison made between how Ramos handled his duties in the final and how chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani intervened during Nick Kyrgios' second-round match.

"I just texted Patrick, like, What is he talking about?"

But Nadal also said: "I respect him a lot".

When Osaka performs media duties with her own national press, she takes questions in Japanese but replies in English, apologising for not knowing the appropriate word when she does resort to her mother tongue.

How the Umpire's Male Ego Ruined the US Open Women's Final