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Tropical Depression Six forms off Africa

01 September 2018

A tropical wave moving through the Caribbean is set to bring heavier rain and storms to the area for part of the Labor Day weekend.

"The depression is becoming better organized, and it will most likely reach tropical storm status in the next several hours", the National Hurricane Center advisory stated.

If this moves into the Gulf of Mexico, we may have to watch it for potential tropical development as well.

The potential tropical cyclone still has winds of 35 miles per hour.

This will lead to an increase in rip currents along with posing a hazard to small craft.

According to Met Éireann, however, reports of a tropical storm headed Ireland's way in the coming weeks are somewhat premature, for the time being at least and likely to be wide of the mark.

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Though it may soon become Tropical Storm Florence, it may not make it to hurricane strength. But even though it will should become the season's next tropical storm, it's got nothing to do with the soaking Florida will probably get next week.

The storm will remain over open water for now and will be monitored for any significant changes in intensity or movement. First, whether or not this system continues to encounter less wind shear as it approaches the Gulf of Mexico.

Met Éireann, Ireland's national forecaster, do not issue long-range forecasts and therefore can not confirm the possible storm.

Along with more consistency among other forecast models, it is looking more like this tropical wave moves out of the Caribbean and toward the Florida straights over the Labor Day Weekend.

The system that requires a closer look is a second tropical wave forecast to push off the African coast around Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

After Florence, the next name on the 2018 storm list is Gordon.

Tropical Depression Six forms off Africa