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Militants in Idlib planning ‘false flag’ chemical attack: Russian MoD

30 August 2018

The foreign ministers' meeting comes amid speculation that Syrian forces backed by Russian Federation and Iran are preparing for an offensive to retake one of the last rebel strongholds. "We are obviously concerned about the possibility that Assad may use chemical weapons again".

He said there needed to be a political solution that "preserves Syria's territorial integrity, security, and stability as well as the safety of citizens regardless of their religion or race".

Indeed, the only reason to think a chemical attack might be an issue recently is media reports, mostly coming out of Russian Federation, that British special forces and Islamist rebels have been preparing to "stage" a chemical weapons attack in a rebel village to justify a United States military intervention.

But the Pentagon on Tuesday denied any such buildup, calling Russia's claims "nothing more than propaganda" and warning that the USA military was not "unprepared to respond should the president direct such an action", CNN's Ryan Browne reported.

During a public session on Syria at the United Nations on Tuesday, Russia denied any possibility of a chemical attack in Idlib by the Syrian government.

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Since the outbreak of war and foreign militancy in Syria in 2011, Iran has stood by the Syrian government and supported its people against terrorist groups, including Daesh (ISIL).

According to Russia's Kommersant newspaper, Moscow has also mobilised two surface-to-air missile defence systems in Syria and air defences have been placed on high alert in anticipation of a potential U.S. assault, which the Russian Defence Ministry has said will follow a "false flag" chemical weapons attack staged by West-backed militants. "The final reports on the use of chemical weapons in Ghouta were not definitive".

"Physically the Russians really can't do anything to stop that strike", said Lamrani.

"The most important element of the deal is the rebuilding of the Syrian armed forces and defence industries so that they can regain their full capacity".

Senior Iranian officials have said their military presence in Syria is at the invitation of the Assad government and they have no immediate plans to withdraw. "We were talking about a complete return of both the regular and irregular Iranian forces", said Bolton.

Militants in Idlib planning ‘false flag’ chemical attack: Russian MoD