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Sacha Baron Cohen targets O.J. Simpson in ‘Who Is America?’ finale

28 August 2018

"Hey, hey, I didn't get away with nothing", Simpson said.

First "Gio" attempts to introduce Simpson to his much younger, attractive girlfriend, who fails to recognize the former Buffalo Bills running back until he makes stabbing motions at her chest. I don't remember the details, I was still mourning the death of Kurt Cobain.

The finale episode for "Who Is America?" did not exactly go off without a hitch; the much-anticipated Sarah Palin interview in which Cohen posed as a wounded veteran to get her attention was shelved following severe backlash. Tongue firmly in cheek, I suspect.

"She's gorgeous, but sometimes I want to kill her", Monaldo told Simpson.

Finally, Cohen's character says his business partner would like a one-on-one meeting with Simpson.

Monaldo, in Cohen's faux Italian accent, introduced Simpson to his companion as a former player for "the Buffalo Billah", but she didn't get the reference.

O.J. laughs but says "Stop". Gio said he'd like to "send her on a private helicopter and throw her over the Grand Canyon- oopsy daisy".

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When Gio asked for Simpson's former defense lawyer, Johnnie Cochran, the Juice replied, "I would have to introduce you in the afterlife", to which Gio asked, "What you didn't kill him too, did you?"

"We want you to be completely truthful with how you got away with it", Cohen pressed on as Monaldo.

"The cord's extra long", Simpson reportedly said, laughing.

In case you are a mere tween, totally ignorant or were fortunately sheltered from the heart-wrenching spectacle of the OJ Simpson case, we'll sum it up briefly.

He gives Simpson a high-five.

Nearly immediately, Simpson pushed back and insisted that he's innocent (he was acquitted of Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman's murders in 1995).

Simpson was released to parole October 1 after nine years in prison for leading five men, including two with guns, in a September 2007 confrontation with two sports collectibles dealers at a Las Vegas casino hotel. In a 1997 civil trial, Simpson was ordered to pay $33.5 million to the victims' families - the money which they apparently never received.

Sacha Baron Cohen targets O.J. Simpson in ‘Who Is America?’ finale