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West Nile Virus Found In Washington County

26 August 2018

There have been no reported human cases in the area. In rare cases West Nile may cause encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain.

There is no specific treatment for West Nile virus other than to treat symptoms.

People older than 50 and those with chronic illnesses are at the highest risk of developing a serious illness as a result of a bite from an infected mosquito, the county health department said. If you think you have West Nile virus infection, contact your healthcare provider.

The warning comes from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station which has found West Nile Virus mosquitoes infected in town.

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West Nile fever diagnoses depend on whether a patient even goes to the doctor, and then on whether the doctor tests for it. Symptoms typically begin between three to 15 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito. It's one of the first seven cases statewide this year, according to the state health department.

CDC figures often lag behind state reports. The Oregon State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab reported yesterday that 11 additional samples from mosquitoes collected last week have tested positive. MS has reported 10 fever cases in addition to the 15 nervous system infections, Byers said.

Louisiana's state epidemiologist says the number of cases depends on local factors. Louisiana had 142 nervous system infections by this week in 2002, out of a total of 204 for the year.

West Nile Virus Found In Washington County