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Hijacking not ruled out over disappearance of missing flight MH370

31 July 2018

It went missing in 2014 with 239 people on board.

A screen showing the history of the MH370 flight is shown during the press conference on the MH370 Safety Investigation Report in Putrajaya.

On 29 May, Malaysia called off a three-month search by U.S. firm Ocean Infinity, which had spanned 112,000 square kilometres (43,243 square miles) in the southern Indian Ocean and ended with no significant findings. It had just entered Malaysian airspace, when for unknown reasons the Boeing-777 changed course, flying for more than six hours with its satellite and navigation systems turned off, before plummeting into the Indian Ocean.

The Malaysian-led report, prepared by a 19-member global team, reiterated the assertion that the plane was deliberately diverted and flown for more than seven hours after severing communications.

The controls of the doomed Flight MH370 that disappeared four years ago were deliberately "manipulated" before it crashed into the sea, an worldwide investigation has concluded.

But the report found that there were no unusual activity on the home simulator.

He said: "We can not establish if the aircraft was flown by anyone other than the pilot, but we can not exclude the possibility of unlawful interference by a third party".

He added all the passengers of the 15 countries had their backgrounds checked by their respective countries and all came back with a clean bill of health.

A four-year search of the Indian Ocean covered more than 77,220 square miles of the seabed, but despite changing theories on its location and some debris findings, the fuselage has not been found.

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There have been a host of theories about why the plane disappeared, ranging from an accident to a hijacking or even a terror plot. Kok said the investigators had looked into "over 60" allegations, theories and rumours that have surfaced over the last four years.

The report was due to released publicly later in the day.

"They appear not to have questioned or challenged what was handed over to them nor was any new independent investigation launched", said Nathan, criticising the scope of the investigation.

The report said there was no sign the plane was evading radar detection or that it was taken over by remote control. No irregularities were found in the onboard cargo either.

In all, 27 pieces of aircraft debris have been collected from various places around the world but only three wing fragments that washed up along the Indian Ocean coast have been confirmed to be from MH370.

The husband of Chandrika Sharma, one of the five Indian nationals missing in the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 tragedy, today said he was "disappointed" as authorities have failed to tell him how his wife vanished along with 238 others in 2014.

The report also highlighted lapses by Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control (KLATC), saying they "did not comply with established procedures".

But investigators briefing the families in Kuala Lumpur ahead of the report's release revealed that they had stopped seeking out any more parts months ago, The Australian reports. It also said that investigators would not eliminate the possibility of "unlawful interference".

"We hope that all sides can continue to remain in close contact and coordination, to properly carry out relevant follow-up work", he told a daily news briefing, without elaborating. The majority of the passengers were Chinese.

Hijacking not ruled out over disappearance of missing flight MH370