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Toronto benefit concert with Demi Lovato cancelled after hospitalization

26 July 2018

Immediately after Demi's hospitalisation was announced, floods of fans sent tweets of support to the singer.

"Our thoughts go out to Demi and her family", Fox said in a statement provided to CNN.

"The overdose has been a wakeup call to Demi that she needs to get more serious about her sobriety and is telling friends and family she will do everything it takes to get back to the fantastic place she was in before she slipped", the source said. Lovato had proudly been six years sober before her relapse. In an interview with Jonathan Ross, she thanks her fans for being there when she was at one of her lowest points with addiction.

Lovato said, "Being able to help people in recovery is something I'm passionate about". "So, I think because of how extreme this relapse was for her, it's like a slap in the face to wake her up, to re-engage in her recovery". "This is no longer a young person having fun with drinking and alcohol and experimentation'". The 25-year-old has helped so many with her honesty, which makes the whole situation all the more sad. Read the edited conversation below and listen at the audio link.

Following her terrifying health scare allegedly involving an overdose on July 24, Demi Lovato must decide what her next step will be when she's discharged from Cedars Sinai Medical Center. "To the ones who never left me, we've been down this road before / I'm so sorry, I'm not sober anymore".

Just to give one example of one of those tweets. She was transported to a hospital and her family members rushed to her bedside. News. "Does she need to be held in the hospital for a period of time?" This is so different from what we've seen in cases where I'm thinking, for example, Britney Spears or Amy Winehouse struggled with similar problems and were not treated very sympathetically. There was no outlet for these pop stars to even sort of go against what was being said about them in gossip columns or in tabloids.

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Alright guys now it's your turn to weigh in - are you surprised Wilmer hasn't publicly commented on Demi's overdose himself, and do you think he's already reached out to her?

But that isn't like that anymore.

Lovato taped her guest appearance on the show in December 2017.

Demi celebrated six years of sobriety in the spring, but revealed she had fallen off the wagon when she released her new song "Sober" last month. "Right now their plan is to keep her away from those people in her life that don't support a clean and sober future".

Yes, exactly. And I think this song is an open letter in song form. But it's an incredibly moving thing to hear someone detailing it like that. Lovato earned praise and more hit songs for her collaborations with the electronic music groups Cheat Codes and Clean Bandit.

Toronto benefit concert with Demi Lovato cancelled after hospitalization