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The 15 biggest ways your iPhone will change in iOS 12

28 June 2018

If you are an iPhone user, all you need to do is subscribe to the Apple's Public Beta Program here with your Apple ID (it is completely free for all devices). Dolby Atmos is the most significant new feature.

This is the tool many of us have been waiting for, especially if you have kids who are addicted to their phones. Once the final version of the software is released, the iOS device will automatically install the software.

Next, you'll need to go to this Beta profile link from your iPhone or iPad to install the profile that tells Apple you're part of the beta program and can install the software. This is the fisrt time that everyone will be able to download and enjoy the first beta version on their Apple devices. The new iOS has a lot of performance improvements, according to Apple, so it might make your old phone run faster.

The advent of technology OCR on iOS devices is not yet disclosed, but there is a chance that people will see its implementation in the next 5 years.

Once the iTunes logo appears on the device's screen, an iTunes popup on the computer will let you know a device in recovery mode has been discovered and ask if you want to Restore or Update the device. However, Apple has released its first public beta of the iOS 12 for all the iPhone users. It's not a radical change from iOS 11, but it introduces a bunch of new features that could change the way you use your iPhone.

It took around 13 minutes for iOS 12 beta to install on my iPhone 7.

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If you have trouble hearing another person in a crowded restaurant or bar or can't hear the professor when you sit in the rear of a lecture hall this new feature could come in handy, assuming you have Apple's wireless $159 AirPods.

After signing up, users have to agree to Apple's terms and conditions before registering their portable device.

Starting Monday, you can.

Redesigned Stocks and News apps.

The update brings a faster camera launch from the lock screen swipe and 50 percent faster keyboard display. According to 9to5 Mac, however, they've been fairly minimal: incorrect data in Maps, CarPlay crashes, and dropped calls on FaceTime. Although one of its primary updates is a bump to speed, reliability and performance across both new and old devices.

Even though the release of the public beta suggests Apple is getting closer to release, it's important to keep in mind that the "beta" label means there are bound to be at least a few bugs - some of which can mess with core features of your phone.

The 15 biggest ways your iPhone will change in iOS 12