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Priest Slaps Baby Across The Face In The Middle Of Baptism

23 June 2018

The priest initially attempts to console the infant by holding its head, but when that fails the priest appears to lose his temper and slaps the baby on the face.

The 43-second clip, which was recorded during a baptism in France and originally shared on Reddit, shows a priest clutching onto the face of a boy as he sits in a woman's arms and wails. The baby is crying loudly and the priest appears to be trying to get the baby to stop crying.

Meanwhile, previously reported that a Catholic priest, Reverend Father Lucien Ambunga, who was inflicted with the deadly Ebola virus, survived it.

A Reddit user posted the video online and it instantly caught the attention of viewers all over the world.

But when the crying doesn't stop, the priest seems to grow frustrated and slaps the baby in the face.

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On Wednesday afternoon, congressional Democrats gathered on the Capitol steps to protest the practice of child separation. Speaker, that innocent little child is crying in a cage", Lewis said. "This is not something that we agree with".

He then unleashes a sharp slap against the baby's cheek, shocking those sat in the church, who can be heard to gasp.

The priest then attempts to pull the child closer before a bearded man grapples him away.

Another person said: "If that video would end with the father giving the priest a very strong bitch slap it would be ideal". I'll scream louder than you, OK? Added another: "A priest slaps my baby and I'm putting him on the cross".

Twitter users have been taking to the social media platform in droves to weigh in on the horrifying moment, with many tweeting that they would have knocked the priest out.

Priest Slaps Baby Across The Face In The Middle Of Baptism