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US President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort sent to jail

18 June 2018

A USA federal judge has revoked former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort's bail and ordered him to jail pending trial, citing newly filed obstruction of justice charges. Prosecutors argued that Manafort was a "danger to the community".

Manafort had been on home confinement in Alexandria, Virginia, and required to wear an electronic monitoring device.

While most of the charges against Manafort predate his work for Trump, some relate to activities that took place into 2017, including alleged bank fraud and money laundering, according to prosecutors.

No one on the campaign, including Manafort, has been charged with a crime directly related to Russian attempts to sway the election.

Trump distanced himself from Manafort on Friday during a free-wheeling discussion with reporters outside the White House that took place before Manafort's bail was revoked.

"I cannot turn a blind eye to this", Judge Amy Berman said in a Washington courtroom, explaining that she could not just release Manafort with more restrictions. They said that if the prosecution would reveal who the witnesses are, Manafort could be ordered not to make contact with them.

Jackson said she "struggled with this decision", but ultimately Manafort "abused the trust" placed in him by the court.

And on Thursday New York's attorney general sued the president and members of his family, referring possible tax crimes at Trump's charitable foundation to the Internal Revenue Service.

Russia Probe: Paul Manafort Indicted on Obstruction Charges
Manafort's lawyers would find the hard work of trial preparation even more challenging with their client in jail, Zeidenberg said. Manafort is now under house arrest, awaiting trials scheduled for Virginia and Washington, D.C., later this year.

On June 8, Mr Mueller brought fresh charges against Mr Manafort and a Russian associate, alleging Mr Manafort contacted two government witnesses the day after his indictment and sustained a five-week campaign asking them to tell investigators his lobbying in Ukraine did not involve the United States.

Already, Mueller has secured the cooperation of Manafort's top business deputy Rick Gates, who also served on Trump's campaign and was associated with Trump's inner circle well after Manafort left the campaign.

Manafort, a target of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's role in the 2016 US election, has been indicted in both Washington and Virginia on mostly financial-related charges, including conspiring to launder money and defraud the United States. Strzok, according to the OIG report, said in texts to fellow Federal Bureau of Investigation employee Lisa Page that "we'll stop" Mr. Trump's election.

While out on bail, prosecutors say, Manaforttried to contact a pair of former journalists who'd worked on the lobbying, asking them to characterize their work as excluding the U.S.

Andres summarized what he called "a sustained campaign over a five-week period" by Manafort to reach the two witnesses and influence their testimony.

Manafort is accused of money laundering and acting as an unregistered foreign agent of Ukraine as part of a lobbying campaign to help pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Mr Manafort's trial on the related charges in Virginia is set for July 25.

US President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort sent to jail