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2,000 Families Separated After Being Caught Crossing Border Illegally

17 June 2018

A senior White House official said the tweet was created to signal his support. Trump's endorsement has been viewed as critical if it is to have a chance of passage. Trump occasionally admonished them. Now the White House is saying that, yes, he will.

"Go for it! WIN!"

Trump also weighed in by tweet, writing that any bill "MUST HAVE" provisions financing his proposed wall with Mexico and curbing the existing legal immigration system. He also blamed the Democrats for the splitting up of families, even though the practice was introduced by Trump's own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

This may make next week's votes something of an anti-climax, but perhaps Ryan has time to fix the deficiencies in the compromise bill before that point.

"By effectively setting the DACA program in stone, Congress will be providing amnesty-that is, it is rewarding those who came here illegally with legal status, while others waited in line in order to come to the USA the right way", the group said.

Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami, photographed at a news conference in 2015, said the Trump administration's policy of separating immigrant children from their families "goes against the values of our nation".

"The president fully supports both the Goodlatte bill and the House leadership bill", deputy press secretary Raj Shah said.

House Republican leaders plan to whip support for the compromise measure later Friday.

Melania Trump not attending this week’s G7 summit in Quebec
Her last appearance in an official capacity was on May 10, welcoming back three Americans imprisoned by North Korea. The more likely reason, said Harris, is that Melania underwent surgery for a benign kidney condition on May 14.

A leading House Republican says the chamber won't tackle immigration legislation unless President Donald Trump supports it.

The compromise bill would mandate that children be kept with families seized entering the kept together for as long as they are in the custody of the Homeland Security Department, whose agencies staff border facilities and enforce immigration laws.

"The policy now being enacted where children are being separated from their parents even when they're applying for asylum, we want that to stop", said Acosta.

"The president knows that amnesty for DACA recipients is not part of his mandate", said King, referring to the Deferred Action for Childhood Immigrants program that protects undocumented immigrants brought to the children from being deported.

The cardinal's rebuke is what drew the response from Sessions, who insists the policy of separating families is necessary to deter illegal border-crossings. Ryan put down a rebellion in his own caucus and headed off a clean DACA authorization that nearly succeeded in coming to the floor via a discharge petition, promising to allow both groups to craft their own bills for floor votes.

Hundreds of thousands of Dreamers have won temporary protections from deportation under DACA that is now under review in federal courts.

Under the proposal, some 700,000 DACA recipients, as well as a broader group of young people who didn't register for the program, could apply for legal status, which would be valid for six years and renewable "indefinitely". Among them, family-related visas for the married children or adult siblings of USA citizens as well as the 55,000 visas now available under the diversity lottery system for immigrants from other represented countries, including many in Africa.

2,000 Families Separated After Being Caught Crossing Border Illegally