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Burger joints start social "beef" with "IHOB"

13 June 2018

IHOP said Monday that it's temporarily changing its branding to IHOB with the B standing for burgers.

In a recent press release, IHOP announced that it's "flipping" the P in its name to a b in an effort to roll out their new burger-based menu.

IHOP has had burgers on its menu since it first opened in 1958, but its identity has always been tied to its wide variety of pancakes and breakfast offerings. Others had more fun, speculating that the B stood for bitcoin or break dancing.

Other than the Twitter handle, IHOb didn't reveal details about its rebranding, including the cost or how it would affect more than 1,750 IHOP restaurants worldwide.

"Don't worry, Pancakers. We still love pancakes".

The belt-busting additions to the menu include Cowboy BBQ, which comes with onion rings, bacon and American cheese, and Jalapeno Kick, including sauteed jalapenos, serrano peppers, hickory-smoked bacon, pepper jack cheese and mayo.

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"We are definitely going to be IHOP", Darren Rebelez, president of IHOP, told the network. Revamping its burger selection could convince customers to visit later in the day and for more than just hash browns and eggs. You know, because everyone goes there for the burgers?

"Dear Internet, we abbreciate your batience", the pancake burger chain tweeted.

Professional baseball team the Philadelphia Phillies went to the trouble of making its own name change announcement video that turns the MLB franchise into the "bhillies".

So, naturally, the store is now adding and the handful of new burgers to the menu.

Just as many speculated on social media about the name change, Twitter has been quick to react to the great reveal.

IHOP is not actually wasting millions and millions of dollars on new signage for a brand that really would be pretty stupid if it were made permanent.

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