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NFL's Terrance Williams' Lamborghini Crash Pics and Video

26 May 2018

Williams initially told police that his friend, Vikings wide receiver Kendall Wright, had crashed the vehicle and that he was riding his scooter to go and inspect the wreck.

Williams was arrested near his home before dawn in Frisco, Texas, and charged with public intoxication - a Class C misdemeanor in Texas - after police found his auto wrecked from striking a light pole at an intersection near the Cowboys' training complex. There was no driver inside the auto, and the cops found Mr. Williams away from the scene of the accident, on an electric bike.

In a statement released by Lewis on Saturday evening, Williams said that he was driving the Lamborghini when the accident happened, after a vehicle in front of him stopped quickly.

When cops were grilling Williams about the accident, he said he wasn't the driver, according to the police report. and blamed the crash on an "idiot" friend Kendall Wright. I play for the Dallas Cowboys and my name is Terrance Williams.

Police also wrote in the report that Williams said he would "never put himself in a (messed) up situation where we would be there" and "stated multiple times throughout (the) conversation that he would never put himself in a bad situation and he would not lie to us".

"That's my $325,000 auto that I paid for", he said. "I'm really checking on my auto". However, when asked about the location of his cell phone, Williams said he didn't have it because it was still in the mangled Lamborghini, which would make it pretty much impossible for Wright to have called him.

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In addition, Lewis says that Williams hit his head during the crash. and that could account for some memory issues. Anytime you hit a curve going about 60 miles per hour and struck his head, I don't know, but we're going to find out.

Now, it appears as though Williams' story is changing a little bit.

In the video, you can see Williams swerving on the scooter and then falling off as officers approach him.

Rick Spielman, general manager of the Vikings, told ESPN that Wright and his agent said "there is no truth to the matter". During a post-arrest search, police found the keys to the Lamborghini in the front right pocket of Williams' shorts. "I'm hopeful. I don't know the details".

The Cowboys have not commented since the video release, but owner Jerry Jones told USA Today previously that he backed Williams and took his public statements at face value.

NFL's Terrance Williams' Lamborghini Crash Pics and Video