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YouTube Music: Google's new, free Spotify rival

18 May 2018

Our friends in the US have long had YouTube Red, which a subscription service which offered videos from major networks and other originals without ads.

The new service will allow users to stream music and videos in customized playlists with ads for free or without ads and with downloading capability for $9.99 a month through the YouTube platform, Newsweek reported.

YouTube Music is a premium music streaming service that does away with all of YouTube's major annoyances: It offers an ad-free experience, background listening and downloads.

With YouTube Music, you're going to get a "reimagined mobile app and brand new desktop player that are designed for music" according to the YouTube blog post published today. Current YouTube Red (soon to be YouTube Premium) members will (at least for the time being) pay the current price.

It's also been revealed that YouTube Red, the ad-free paid alternative to YouTube that featured exclusive video content, is being rebranded as YouTube Premium.

On Tuesday May 22 YouTube is launching a new music streaming service - YouTube Music. YouTube Music will have a personalized home screen that will dynamically adapt to provide recommendations based on your listening history.

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YouTube Music will launch - or rather relaunch - next week. The service will be similar to Spotify and Apple Music.

Google tells us that details about family pricing are coming, while there will also be a new student pricing option for the new YouTube.

With Google focusing its resources on artificial intelligence, AI makes a big impact for Google users who will use YouTube Music. YouTube Music Premium will be available on a standalone basis for US$9.99 per month (US price).

On Thursday, YouTube announced the details of the newest version of its music streaming service, YouTube Music. And what's replacing it could end up costing you $2 more a month for the same services.

Thousands of playlists built to help you discover new music.

YouTube Music is free as long as you don't mind ads.

YouTube Music: Google's new, free Spotify rival