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Britain condemns Iran attack on Israel

13 May 2018

While Israel has repeatedly clashed with Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Lebanese militia, it was the first time Israel had directly accused Iran of firing toward Israeli-held territory.

Israel's defense minister Friday called on President Bashar Assad to "get rid" of Iranian forces in Syria, warning their continued presence would only cause trouble.

Israel views Iran as its archenemy, citing Iran's calls for Israel's destruction, support for militant groups across the region and growing military activity in neighboring Syria.

That is part of a flurry of diplomatic activity following Tuesday's unilateral withdrawal from what U.S. President Donald Trump called "a awful, one-sided deal", a move accompanied by the threat of penalties against any foreign firms doing business in Iran.

Israel says it attacked nearly all of Iran's military infrastructure in Syria on Thursday after Iranian forces fired rockets at Israeli-held territory.

Footage shows furious Iranian students chanting "death to America" as they set fire to the American flag in protest against President Trump's decision.

Russian Federation is reported to have been informed in advance of the Israeli attack. Iran appeared determined not to be drawn into a wider regional conflict with Israel during the sensitive negotiations. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, of launching the attack at the Israeli Golan Heights.

"The Iranian regime's deployment into Syria of offensive rocket and missile systems aimed at Israel is an unacceptable and highly unsafe development for the entire Middle East", White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

Syria's state media said Syrian air defenses had intercepted "hostile Israeli missiles" early today that were fired over southwestern Damascus.

"What is happening is a settling of accounts between two regional states - occupying powers - and the Syrian people is paying the price", he stated.

On Thursday, the White House condemned Iran's rocket attacks but failed to mention Israel's strikes on military targets in Syria.

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Israel has long warned it will not accept Iran entrenching itself militarily in Syria.

It is clear that the Iranian Regime must be stopped in Syria, in order to defend the Middle East as a whole.

Lieberman said Israel was not seeking escalation on the Syrian front. It said half the missiles were shot down.

Russia, she affirmed, "will officially say they're neutral, but in reality, they will play both sides".

Netanyahu said the attacks came after Iran "crossed a red line".

Iranian state television announced the Israeli strikes, sourcing the information to Syria's state-run SANA news agency, and described the Israeli attack as "unprecedented". Siren alerts were sounded soon around midnight in the north and centre of the Golan Heights in northern Israel.

In these circumstances, claims that Iran's pathway to nuclear weapons were cut off for at least 10 years ring hollow.

Iran does not want "new tensions" in the Middle East, President Hassan Rouhani told German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday. But Israel and Russian Federation have maintained close communications to prevent their air forces from coming into conflict.

The IDF "suffered no casualties", either on the ground or in the air, and that no rockets fired from Syria made any impact in Israeli territory, the spokesman said, adding that "all of our planes returned home safely".

In response, Israel bombed a range of Iranian military targets in Syria. "It means we are on a collision course". Israel promised to respond in kind. "The Syrian army's general command is prepared and ready to deal with every strike in full force". Israel has allegedly carried out countless strikes in Syria against Iranian infrastructure and weapons transfers to Syrian and Iranian proxies.

Britain condemns Iran attack on Israel