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Israel protested in London on 70th Nakba anniversary

12 May 2018

On Monday, the United States is set to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and on Tuesday Palestinians will commemorate what they call the "Nakba" - Arabic for catastrophe - marking the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians during the war surrounding the creation of Israel.

The Israeli military said about 15,000 people participated in the protests.

One Palestinian man was killed and 973 injured Friday during clashes between hundreds of Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli soldiers close to the border between eastern Gaza Strip and Israel, medics said.

The protests also took place at the contact points in different cities, including the northern entrance of Bethlehem and Ramallah.

No Israelis casualties have been reported, although several fires have erupted along the border after kites carrying improvised incendiary devices made their way into Israel.

Forty-year-old Jaber Abu Mustafa died after he was shot in the chest near Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, the ministry said.

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The area was quickly engulfed in thick black smoke from the burning tires. One of the kites was downed by a small Israeli drone.

Israeli forces responded with tear gas and live ammunition, according to Gaza's health ministry. An old Palestinian woman waved a Palestinian flag and said she wants to return home.

Meanwhile, Gaza government officials announced that Egypt will open its border with Gaza for four days starting Saturday.

Egypt opens the crossing from time to time, mainly to allow people in special categories, including medical patients and Gaza residents studying overseas, to leave the territory or return to it.

The Israeli army's violent response to the demonstrations has sparked outrage globally, as more than 2,000 Palestinians have been struck by live bullets, and 24 wounded had to undergo amputations after being denied Israeli permits to exit Gaza and receive treatment in the occupied West Bank. The upcoming opening was framed as a humanitarian gesture ahead of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which begins next week.

"I am looking forward to the day when the suffering of six million Palestinians who have been living for 70 years as refugees in many countries across the world, would end in accordance with the Arab peace initiative, and the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194, in order to achieve peace, security, and stability in the region".

Israel protested in London on 70th Nakba anniversary