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Georgia Police Officer Suspended After Screaming Obscenity At Woman

12 May 2018

Police in Alpharetta, Georgia have opened an internal investigation after officers dragged a 65-year-old grandmother from her vehicle during a traffic stop.

Squad auto video shows Officer James Legg shouting "you're not in charge, shut the f*** up" before pulling Rose Campbell out of her vehicle during the heated encounter on Windward Parkway in Alpharetta on May 4.

According to reports, Campbell declined to sign the citation as she did not want it seen as an admission of guilt.

Reports indicated that Legg was one of the cops called for backup after the first officer had difficulty getting Campbell out of her vehicle. During the incident, another officer arrived and, as you'll see from the dash camera video, did not perform in a manner that is reflective of who we are as an organization.

Campbell said she wants an apology from the city and the police department.

When the first officer opened her vehicle door to arrest her, she said, "All I felt was his whole body over me, and I could feel the weight over me, grabbing at my belt".

Clearly the video tells a different story than the one Officer Legg tries to justify in his letter of resignation.

She then refused to open the vehicle door, prompting authorities, including Legg, to attempt to arrest her for disorderly conduct.

'There are aspects about this video that simply do not represent our organization'.

"Maybe I should not have used profanity", Legg added, "but its immediate effectiveness is not questionable and I do believe I acted reasonably under the circumstances".

As she slowly stood up from her auto, she asked the cop, "Who are you talking to?"

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'You need to get out of the vehicle, you're under arrest, ' Swerdlove says.

Things escalated when an officer aggressively began screaming and cursing at Campbell.

When the woman got out of the auto, Legg yanked her arm.

Officer James Legg of the Alpharetta Police Department is being internally investigated for his conduct, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"All I felt was his whole body over me and I could feel the weight over me, grabbing at my belt", Campbell told the station.

The second officer says, 'Ok, alright, as he gently helps her out of the vehicle'.

The official did not name Legg in the post, but said the officer "interjected himself into the situation using language and tactics that were inappropriate, even inflammatory".

"Step out of the car", Swerdlove says repeatedly, to which Campbell replies, 'I'm going to wait for your supervisor'.

'I didn't expect that in America. "I didn't expect that in Atlanta". I will justify my actions when given the opportunity to do so through a POST investigation, but will not subject myself to the investigation of an agency Chief who would rather care about public perception and political correctness over officer, suspect and the general public's safety. I didn't expect that especially in Alpharetta. Am I in a movie? He said she almost caused an accident. I couldn't believe it.

Campbell, who is diabetic, was also concerned about her health during the incident.

The incident in question was captured on dashcam video from Alpharetta Police Department. In conclusion, I feel my decisions ended a volatile situation quickly with very limited force and got everyone off the highway and back into service.

Georgia Police Officer Suspended After Screaming Obscenity At Woman