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FCC Releases The Day Net Neutrality Will Officially End

11 May 2018

The FCC's announcement came one day after Senate Democrats officially filed a petition to force a floor vote by June 12 on Markey's Congressional Review Act resolution, which seeks to undo the commission's ruling and restore net neutrality rules. Ed Markey, have forced a vote aimed at restoring net neutrality protections removed by the FCC in December.

Pai succeeded and overturning the FCC's Open Internet Order in December 2017, effectively ending net neutrality protection in the United States.

The FCC voted 3-2 along party lines - three Republicans to two Democrats - to reverse the rules, which govern how internet service providers treat content and data. Even if the net neutrality resolution successfully clears the Senate, it would still need to make it through the House and either be signed by the president or garner enough support to override a veto to take effect.

According to the advocates, without net neutrality consumers will have more difficulty accessing content online and start-ups will have to pay to be able to reach consumers. Susan Collins of ME, has joined Democrats and in the absence of Sen.

The revised rules were a win for internet service providers, whose practices faced significant government oversight and FCC investigations under the 2015 order, but are opposed by internet firms like Facebook Inc (FB.O) and Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O).

More: Net neutrality rules are dead. Activists demonstrated outside the White House and at FCC and other meetings in the nation's capital, as well as at more than 600 Verizon stores across the USA - to no avail.

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That's why Washington state was the first in the union to pass regulations requiring that net neutrality be observed within its borders. Thankfully, at the moment that same sentiment doesn't seem to have spread elsewhere, with Europe for example still in favor of a free and open Internet. Senate Democrats on Wednesday said they have the support - 49 Democrats and Sen. Karr said that the expectation is that the measure will be approved by the Senate, but that the House of Representatives might be a steeper climb. Susan Collins (R-Maine) supports the bill, which, given Sen.

"Instead of crafting forward-looking solutions that protect internet users and promote innovation ..."

Another effect net neutrality could have on consumers is choosing what ISP will work best for them.

The other argument is that repealing net neutrality will eventually benefit consumers because broadband providers like AT&T could offer a wider variety of service options and that abolishing regulation could end up encouraging investment in network infrastructure.

In a statement, (pdf) Ajit Pai applauded his agency's destruction of the rules, repeating numerous falsehoods that have been consistently debunked by reporters and analysts country wide.

FCC Releases The Day Net Neutrality Will Officially End