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Volvo's Sensus infotainment system to get Google Assistant, Android apps and services

08 May 2018

The search giant Google is scheduled to tip off its 2018 I/O developer conference on Tuesday, May 8, at the Shoreline Amphitheatre at its headquarter in Mountain View, California.

It's all thanks to Android - not Android Auto, but the actual Android operating system. Ahead of the I/O conference that kicks off tomorrow, Google is giving a preview of an upcoming Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker, and it's not meant to go on your nightstand-it's meant to fit under your TV.

The Android operating system powers numerous world's smartphones and drives consumers to Google's cash-minting apps. But Android P seems to be focused on improvements in interface design and refurbishing of visual elements. Like every year, we can expect major announcements for the latest Android version, Google's new software, and updates for the existing products.

There's also support for music playback, including if the TV itself is turned off. There's also native support for multiple camera sensors, so you can get Portrait Mode effects in camera-equipped apps like Snapchat.

About a month ago, we saw rumored images of a new 4K Chromecast like Android TV dongle through the FCC (which has been taken down since).

As part of this partnership, Google apps and services will be embedded within Volvo cars. Comparatively different from Android Oreo which debuted a year ago, Google's latest approach to mobile software is more visual and focused on interface design improvements. Now called Wear OS, the newly branded OS just picked up a few new Assistant features to make it a more powerful wrist companion.

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We know that Android P will have native support for the pervasive "notch" and it might be getting another major overhaul with gesture support just like iPhone X.

There will be announcements about the future of Android and Google's AI efforts.

Volvo announced Monday that its next infotainment system will integrate more popular features from Google, including Google Maps, Play Store, and Google Assistant. It will be based on Android Oreo ecosystem for the apps with a redesigned home screen.

The JBL Link Bar has four HDMI inputs and can be controlled by Google Assistant.

The Play platform should see some modest gains this year starting with Google News. This means that Google will be teaming up with companies other than JBL to launch similar products down the line as well.

Volvo's Sensus infotainment system to get Google Assistant, Android apps and services