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Cambridge Analytica's key staff move to new company

05 May 2018

Cambridge Analytica, a consulting firm linked to President Trump's 2016 election campaign, harvested data from an estimated 87 million Facebook users. But all this talk seemed to suggest that Facebook believes it's biggest problem is that its AI efforts need to be just a little bit more refined, not that it has access to a tremendous amount of user data and no real incentive outside of bad press to make sure it's not used haphazardly. At one point, the sell-off wiped $50 billion off the company's market value.

He added: "My findings entirely reflect the amazement of the staff, on watching the television programmes and reading the sensationalistic reporting, that any of these media outlets could have been talking about the company for which they worked".

Both Channel 4 News and the New York Times have reported that Nigel Oakes, a British director of the SCL Group, has said that Emerdata was set up to acquire and roll together Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group under a new name.

According to Facebook, Kogan told them that the information gathered from the app would be used for academic purposes, but it was instead given to Cambridge Analytica - in violation of platform policy. That probe, which involves as many as 30 other companies, goes on. The government says that even if non-disclosure pacts were signed between the company and its clients in India, a template of those agreements can still be produced as evidence.

Dr. Alexander Tayler, Cambridge Analytica's acting CEO after taking over from the suspended Alexander Nix, is listed as director of an active company called Emerdata while other staff are also named on Companies House.

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The current model allows Facebook to reach the most people, at every income level, they said.

Cambridge Analytica declared bankruptcy and issued a closure statement yesterday.

Absolutely not, say British authorities.

The revelations led Damian Collins, chair of the United Kingdom parliamentary select committee for digital, culture, media and sport to compare Cambridge Analytica to "the hydra beast of Greek mythology", a multi-headed monster that would regrow them if they were cut off. Collins speculated that "it will be business as usual" for the company, simply operating under a different name. "There will always be a version of Facebook that is free, " he said.

It's not clear what percentage of Pennsylvanians who use Facebook were impacted because state investigators have yet to determine how many Facebook users there are in the state, according to information provided by Shapiro's office. The firm's Uk-based parent organization, SCL Group, will also be shuttered.

Cambridge Analytica's key staff move to new company